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I was wondering if anybody has ever been put on auto assign for a signing services. I was put on auto assign for Exos and I didn’t even know it and they told me I had like ten confirmed assignments that were over an hour away from me. I told Exos that I didn’t know I was on auto assign and even on the app and e-mails I didn’t see anything that looked like an assignment was confirmed for me. I was wondering if anyone does auto assign and how do you do it if they auto assign work at a time and place that you never agreed to? isn’t that difficult balancing that with your other businesses that you work with or other types of obligations? is anyone familiar with this? I don’t know how anyone can do that. I’m hoping that my relationship with Exos is still ok I know this was a big inconvenience having to reassign everything.

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Had the same problem with Xome. I don’t do the Apps. They seem to not understand that I have actually ‘opted out’ of them in my profile info on their site. It’s there. I can see it. They can see it, but they ignore it, then send a text message to a landline and somehow this results in my ‘acceptance’ of a job that I know nothing about, never accepted or even saw it… This ‘technology’ is a big step backwards, but they don’t want to hear that because clicking on a name is easier than making a phone call or even sending an e-mail apparently. They love their technology–even tho’ it doesn’t work right. And, rather than figure it out, it’s easier to blame the notary.

I opted out of that with ServiceLink because I don’t want to be randomly assigned loan signings. I like to be in control of my signings and choose my locations wisely.

How did you opt out of auto assign, with EXOS? I’m trying to figure out how to do that, right now. Thanks!

Update: I just emailed Servicelink/EXOS support, and asked to be removed from auto-assign. They took care of it right away.

In the current environment it is a wonder there are enough assignments to worry about auto assign. Exos is still using auto assign but not with the frequency of the past. Nowadays we are more likely to take those assignments are there are fewer to go around. If you do not want to service such a distance you have to edit the cities you serve. Even if an assignment comes through, you have to accept the assignment or it gets passed to other notaries. I have found you must also think about adjusting your fee schedule. I can work for less if there is less distance to travel.


Great advice! You were also savvy enough to utilize the technology to work in your favor! Technology is great if your able to understand and embrace! I’m a RON notary and it is a blessing to do a signing from my home and jump in the car to do additional signings within my area! Great job!

I’ve learned through this forum that RON, while not yet legal in California, has some exceptions depending on the document. A recent assignment I had involved a signer who was in Mexico and couldn’t return before the scheduled closing of Escrow. They handled it via RON.

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I just love RON. No paper, no travel, and no mask’

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Me too. Love RON. :pray: :+1::+1::+1:

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The biggest one of them all is no mistakes! No missed signatures!

You can let them know how far you are willing to travel and what your availability is.
It works for me under those circumstances. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to do it.