Anymore auto-assign platforms?

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I like the auto-assign option. You link your calendar and if it shows you have availability they’ll assign it to you. I was hoping I’d find more platforms that do it. You can adjust the counties your willing to cover so not to get locations that may be considered too far. And your fees for those counties that may be further than others. FYI: you can only get auto-assigned if your fees are under $100.

Are you at least given the option to decline - would hate to think you give them access to your calendar and you’re stuck with a $50, $60, $70 lowball fee.

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You set your own fees. You’ll let them know what your willing to accept in each county. Anything $100 & up they’ll call you.

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I personally would only do the auto assign with one company at a time. The reason is that you would still have to sync it to your personal calendar which could be a difficult juggling act if you have multiple companies doing this…IMO

I do sync it my personal calendar. I wouldn’t want to have any signings when I have personal business to attend to

I’m not sure what it is you’re saying

I have one platform that I work with that sometimes the sync works and sometimes it does not which results in me having to manually refresh their system to sync at times. I love the automatic assignments but I would be nervous about doing more than one.

I think what she’s saying is if you have more than one company with access to your calendar and ability to auto-assign, what prevents you from ending up double or triple booked for a specific time period?

That would be one of my concerns…plus my personal calendar and schedule is so continuously fluid companies would go nuts trying to keep up with me…lol


@LindaH-FL Mine is as well! Plus, I serve multiple counties (as you probably do, too) . . . the travel time requirements between signing appointment Start-Times can vary according to the time of day as well as the construction zone/school zone delays inherent when traveling distances across multiple cities &/or counties. The calculation for ensuring an On-Time arrival for a stress-free signing appointment requires introspection & thought to the travel route, traffic conditions, etc., etc., etc.


When you’re booked it’s populated to your calendar so that’s what prevents overbooking.

As I mentioned, you select which counties you’re available in and as for time slots it’s not that hard to make adjustments to them. Not for me anyways. But you guys do what works for you and I’ll do what works for me. It’s a lot easier then having to accept assignments while I’m driving to assignments and keeping up with which assignments I did accept once I have the chance to sit down & add them to my calendar

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Well we wish you luck in doing that… technology is great when it works and when it doesn’t it can create a nightmare situation.

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This is why I avoid contributing here or anywhere else. You wishing me luck and predicting a nightmare situation doesn’t sound like good intentions at all. Like I said I’ll do what works for me. Technology is the the future so either you get right or get left. That’s my time.


What companies do auto assign?

Servicelink - need 20 to post.

I think you’re being unfair to her - what she said is true - technology is good until it doesn’t work - and when the technology doesn’t work right yes, you can have a nightmare situation. She wasn’t striking out at you personally - she was stating a fact. Sad that you didn’t see that and you got offended -


My wishing you well was not a tongue and cheek thing… it was sincere. If you think that I am predicting the failure of technology then maybe you should think back you your own experience when technology failed in one way or another…. Case in point my auto assignment client had issues with the time zone change and my schedule was off by an hour. It took them over two weeks to fix this issue. So I’m only sharing with you my personal experience.

That’s my 2 cents worth on the matter.


In my experience, regardless how one used or implements an auto assign feature, they only used it when they were desperate (like last minute requests). Otherwise, they ALL “shop around” otherwise why be in business? They are no different than us in trying to get a job done at the lowest cost possible (ESPECIALLY nowadays).

That is not necessarily the case my auto assignments are often booked days or weeks in advance based on my personal experience


I cant see that happening no where near as often as the traditional solicitations considering how the mortgage industry works (as rates, interest, etc.) change on a daily basis, but then again, I don’t touch the auto assign stuff. Sounds like a setup for a frequent change in docs at the closing bell!