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Any information on Bill Meyers - Notary Discover? Keeps on sending me an email every day (which I am not responding to). I thought I would put this question out
there. Thanks. Karen

@kKlein123 This was asked & answered several days ago.

The Search function is being identified to be of assistance to you. :angel:

Each of us contributes our time-proven experience & expertise. We are very busy business owners; either working with clients OR marketing/developing our business. => Our contributions/answers are provided on a voluntary basis and are offered to be of assistance & provide insight to others in this business sector.

It’s so important for each member to endeavor to perform due diligence prior to requesting the valuable time of other business owners.

As a fellow business owner , I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially ) by "teaching you how to fish;" instead of giving you a fish . . .

Searching the Notary Café database for the answer (that’s more than likely already present) prior to creating a new thread or post is being considerate, thoughtful, & respectful of other members. Saves everyone time & prevents consternation. :sparkles:


You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “notary discover” in the Search field:

If the results on that page are insufficient for you, reach out to the members providing information via Message that posted on that url link.

Best Wishes :sparkles:

It’s yet another pay-to-list-your-name Directory that doesn’t hire notaries…just lists your info.
It doesn’t even show up on Google so just hit ‘delete’. Most of these pay-Directories just take your money and you’ll never see any business. If anyone has actually received business from this one…now’s the time to let others know. The thing with Directories is: the more notaries who are on it, the more it is used by hiring parties…BUT…the Directory has to show up (near top) in a Google search or you’ve just been had.

ALSO CNsa5 has been very diligent in trying to educate people to DO A SEARCH first and you’ll probably immediately find the answer to your question because it’s been asked multiple times before. I will add that (at least on my PC) that the magnifying glass in the upper right is hard to see due to not much contrast UNTIL you hover your mouse on it and–bam–VERY VISIBLE. Use it FIRST, please.


FYI: I have consulted with Mike on this topic in detail. He said that he understands the concern that the Magnifying Glass is nearly invisible. He said that he’d present this submitted Suggestion to the site programmers for potential color revision to improve visibility.

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I delete them too. No reason to pay for a “service” when you can sign on directly with a signing company

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