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Just received an offer from Notary Nation, Inc. through SnapDocs, for an FHA cash-out loan app signing with 1 notarization for $45. I declined, (fee too low, try $75) and it came back through at $50. Not happening here! This is my full-time business. So it’s not about thinking that I’m worth more than that; it’s simply cost-analysis. Time is only a part of the factor, but there’s also E & O Insurance, printing costs, gas and wear/tear on vehicle, paying our portion of self-employment taxes. $45, well that’s a friends and family rate!


I got the exact same thing an hour ago and declined it. I’m in Missouri.

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Is 75.00 the going price for signings?

The “going price” is what you decide to charge in order to make a profit. Questions like, “What do I charge?” and “What companies do I sign up with?” come off as trying to get others to do your leg work. I’ve only been doing this 2 1/2 months and the best advice I can give you is do your own research, decide if you’re really serious about this and come up with your own plan. There is a ton of information out there on this and other sites if you take the time to read. Best of luck.

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The going rate is what you charge, not what someone tells you what they pay