Notary Nation, Inc

I accepted a job through Snapdocs for Notary Nation, Inc. The signing was confirmed and docs were printed. Upon arrival the borrower decided he no longer wanted to sign. Notary Nation was informed right away and agreed amount was $30. This was August 19, 2019. I have been messaging and emailing for the past month due to non-payment. To date no payment and all emails have gone unanswered. Terrible company

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Notary Nation is the absolute worst! Stay away from them. They offered a VA loan application pick up for $50. This is far below my normal fee but when I talked with Notary Nation, I was told it is just picking up the application with no notarizations. I was in the area so I said yes, figuring it is a courier fee job. I was 1 1/2 hour taking the loan application! They were totally deceptive. To compound the issue, I still haven’t been paid! RUN, DON"T WALK from these guys!!


Good afternoon I am posting on behalf of Notary Nation Inc. I will need you to provide me your name, order# and contact info? It is very important when working with a signing agent platform to read the terms agreement that is electronically given to you prior to you being able to accept a signing. We have a high volume of emails each day due to notaries not reading their agreement. The agreement is very helpful because it outlines your pay schedule. Please understand that all signing companies pay out differently so read your agreements for all your responsibilities and their responsibilities. Please feel free to call us at 800-817-9245 ext 700 or you can email us at You can visit our website for additional contacts as well. Thank you, Chrystal Preciado on behalf of Notary Nation Inc.

Hi Doug I am going to email you your agreement. I would pay really good attention to the defamation clause in our agreement and the payment schedule. You were not told that your were picking up an application. Why would we hire a notary to pick up an application? We could pay $15 to Fedex to do that. Again if you read your agreement you would know when payouts are done for the specific client you worked for. We have very strict agreements with our clients that notaries are paid within 24-48 hours of our company receiving their pay. If you have any further concerns please contact me at 800-917-9245 ext 700 I would be my pleasure to help you.

Email sent. I’ve attached a photo of the email for your reference, with my information truncated.

Please kindly see emails sent unanswered. In addition I’ve sent messages via SnapDocs and left 2 voicemails… all attempts have been ignored.

This is sad. It takes me having to write about a $30 payment before you decide to reach out. You’ve managed to call 2x and send a text. Please nothing to discuss. Just pay. Thank you.

I have looked into your order and your payment is not due to be paid out. We will make an exception and pay you out today. Notary payments are client based. You did not read your agreement which would tell you when you would be paid out. This order was a no sign. I called you and you did not answer.This matter will be addressed outside notary cafe as it is a violation of your agreement with us to be posting on social media. I will forward your contract. Thank you

Update: Several emails, messages, 2 voicemails, post on Notary Cafe later … payment has been received. Thank you Chrystal for paying me on an order that was closed on August 19, 2019. She says payment wasn’t due until November 19, 2019 … Funny … I had another order prior to this I had inquired payment on and was told net 45 days via email, hence why I waited until October to reach out on this order … anyway payment received just a few moments ago. Case closed.

Apparently, I misspoke. I my angst about having been sent to pick up a VA loan application, I thought I was contacted by Notary Nation. It turns out, it was the lender that called me and said it was just to pick up the application. The small “courier fee” was ok because it was just picking up the application, not completing the application. I’m not a loan officer. the lender was very deceptive and I won’t be doing loan application pick ups again.

I have been waiting for a payment on an order I completed for Notary Nation on Jan 2,2020.

I was told that the client pays 90 days out. The order was a loan application for $55 and I was ok with waiting for 90 days.

I contacted them multiple times and no response, finally I called and a lady answered and informed me that they have not got paid however, she will send me an E check and she jokes about it I quote “ this is like saving account for notaries” this was not funny or professional.

A week later no check, I do understand that they might have not got paid, however they are the hiring company and should be able to pay even if there clients pay late.

Now every time I call, it goes to voice mail. I am posting this to let everyone know my experience with them. I don’t think I will ever get paid :thinking:

So my experience is pretty much the same. I did three applications back in February 2020. It now has been well over 90 days. I have sent emails with no response. I have made calls which have gone to voicemail. I doubt that I will ever be paid. Take my advice and NEVER do business with these people.

I was just told it’s 90 business days, not 90 days even though their payment agreement does not say 90 “business” days, oh yeah excluding holidays as well.

SAME!! It appears this company is taking advantage of new signing agents. While they are providing experience, it would be better if they could pay us too!

I stay away from low ball companies now since I have 5 years experience now. My minimum is $100 and up depending on the assignment.

I took a signing in March 11, 2020 from them. As of June 29, 2020 still have not been paid. After numerous phone calls and emails still have not heard a word from them. I agree with everyone on here DO NOT WORK FOR NOTARY NATION.

I have 2 signing from Notary Nation that have not been paid. One was done one 03/02/2020 an application for $45, One from 03/05/2020 which was originally scheduled for 03/02/2020, the signer cancelled the original signing due to illness, then Notary Nation rescheduled for the 5th, I was not able to reach the signer to verify, but Notary Nation said they had confirmed with her so go ahead and go to the appointment. When I arrived, I rang the bell and then knocked a couple of times, when the signer answered she said she was still very in and had NOT agreed to the day/time of the signing . When I contacted the agency about this they were extremely rude, when I asked about being paid for my time, at first whomever I was speaking with said "well no-one signed so how do we owe you, you should have confirmed, I explained I contacted their office and said I was unable to contact and was told, well WE confirmed so go to the signing. Whomever I was dealing with was extremely RUDE and told me I was the one being rude! I have sent an email, (with no response) I blocked them from being able to sent me assignment but that has nothing to do with me still wanting my money. I would say like many of the others NEVER WORK FOR NOTARY NATION!!!