Notary nation -

Anyone have any positive experience with this company? I have been trying to get paid for a job completed on 12/18/18! They don’t respond and I haven’t received payment. My experience has not been good at all!

Hi I was wondering if you have had any luck receiving payment yet? I have also not been paid for a job 1-8-19. I am also looking for an email address to contact them.

I have performed one job for them and was paid the next day. Did you sign up for their pay account?
Saying that, they tried to lowball me on a signing and I refused the job because of distance and number of pages. They have put a negative comment about me in SnapDocs.

Looking for an address for this company. We accepted a signing from them in May. All their mailbox extensions are full.

Thank You!

This is what you agree for if no errors in your
signing. If you did not fix the errors the new notary gets paid all,
BCHH INC. Applications: 90 NET
BCHH INC Closings: 90 DAY NET
Note: BCHH Inc. application notaries can earn the closing if requested by the signer and the notary sends in a clean error free application package.
WFG National Title orders: 30 DAY NET
Fidelity National Title orders: 30 DAY NET
Escrow Closings Misc: Paid within 30 DAY NET
Investor Signings: Paid out within 30 DAY NET
Estate Planning Signings: Paid out within 30 DAY NET
Health Care Facility Signings: 30 DAY NET
Real Estate Signings: Paid out within 30 DAY NET

Do not call or email for payment update unless your payment has not been paid within the listed time frame. If not received within the listed time frame please email