Notary Pet Peeves and Struggles

What are your biggest pet peeves? Here are mine:

  • No ID whatsoever. Bonus points for if they get upset and put their entitlement on full display when you decline notarization on basis of the lack of ID because they don’t think your state’s laws should apply to them

  • When clients come in with documents already signed because they were told something vague and poorly worded like “sign this then get it notarized” or “get your signature notarized”- a shocking number of people do not know that notaries have to witness the signature, resulting in their coming in with the document already signed

  • As a notary that works at a public place- when someone comes in with a document requiring witnesses but no witnesses- and then expects you to provide witnesses for them. Preeeeeetty sure making my coworkers feel pressured to be your witness goes against the whole “uncoerced and of their own free will” thing.


Dirty houses are the worst part of the job for me lol
Traffic jams a close 2nd.

Company assures me there will be someone if I have a question for an after hours signing or weekend. Then I call (in some cases a list of people) and no one answers. sigh. Sometimes the client has more luck getting hold of their lender.

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Many Notaries get confused when completing an acknowledgment, even though it is one of the most common types of notarizations. The signer must personally appear before you at the time of the notarization, though the document may be signed prior to the signer appearing before you.


@Bobby4913 Please correct me if I am wrong… (Newbie question) The signer has to personally appear before you but you don’t have to witness them physically sign the document as long as you can verify that the signature on the document matches the signature on the valid ID that they presented ( For acknowledgment certificates only) For Jurats this is not the case they have to be present and sign in your presence. ( Never had that experience but based on what i read that was my understanding… sorry no official paid training course taken)

@donaldsonnp this is correct. at least to my understanding

Correct. This can be confirmed on the NNA website.

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