Notary Reviews - Ripoff or not?

You can become a member for $100/year (reduced to $80…reduced to $40 if you are vet or old), it took me 3 emails before she sent me this:

Members can directly market to and obtain fair-paying clients so as to expand their current NSA business by utilizing our exclusive one of a kind Notary Reviews & Ratings List (NRRL) - 24/7. Our database is updated daily and currently contains over 650 signing companies who hire NSAs and pay their fees. The database is also Reviewed & Rated by fellow NSAs providing members the most valuable information not openly shared online.
Members are provided a safe and secure Members Only Forum where professional discussions are held and questions asked openly or anonymously. Members do not need to fear of getting bullied or ridiculed here.
Members receive free Zoom webinars from guest NSA trainers, where members can openly participate, experience NSA-to-NSA networking, receive or share sage advice as well as receive free marketing information, additional NSA training information and much more!
Members are invited to join our Members Only Facebook which was created in 2017.

Can anyone say this site has actually helped them earn money to the point that it is worth $100/year? Except for the “650 signing companies who hire NSAs” database, nothing else seems to be much different than notarycafe/rotary…unless you feel bullied.

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Sounds like a waste of money.


I have a very hard time believing such a sales pitch like that. That is much to expensive and seems like a money grab with no guarantee of benefit to the notary. The person receiving the $100 per notary is the one whose making a guaranteed profit.
Save your money and find the clients on your own for free.


I concur! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::+1::+1::+1:


For years and years, I’ve kept my own spreadsheet of companies I’ve worked for, read about, heard about, researched. There aren’t even 650 companies worth working for these days. And that number is dwindling all the time.

Let’s analyze this pitch for paid membership.

Paying higher fees for information that notaries themselves are supplying, i.e., free info, mandated posting reviews by members, payback of members getting cut off if they don’t post reviews.

Like all of you, I don’t see the equality, or the benefit. Doesn’t sound like a two-way street to me. How about any one else?

$100 is the initial pitch, but how about $80, still no? then I’ll take $40 if you’re an antique or a veteran. Membership once was only $25.

At least with NC and NR, notaries are treated fairly, they’ve been in business for decades and there is no threat of the guillotine if you don’t review them.

FINALLY, keep your own spreadsheet of companies you’re contacted by. And if you want to share it with your colleagues, you can at no cost or retribution.


Barbara, I make no money off of my website. It was created for a few reasons, but what is great about besides the large database of signing companies listed therein, is the secured forum we have, where NSAs can Review & Rate signing companies, honestly and openly, without getting blackballed or bullied. Can’t do that here or on NotRot because someone ALWAYS knows who is whom.


I am a paid member of this group in question and I can honestly say that it is full of resources and dialogue amongst NSA’s in a safe environment. The listing of companies (600+) that are rated are beneficial to all concerned for a variety of reasons. I personally do not spend a lot of time on any of these forums including Notary Reviews as I am far too busy managing a business but I do take notice to post that are improperly representing companies or in this case a paid website Notary Reviews that affords new and seasoned NSA’s an opportunity to learn and grow.


Hello, this is Brenda Stone.

I admin a few groups on Facebook. First of all, I want to make sure that my name is attached with what I have to say.

It is possible that you (Dan) may have heard from me that the site was worthwhile and that I endorsed it.

Here is why I do that. I watch while night after night notaries ask for lists that they can use for marketing. Rather than bite their heads off, I give them two answers: the site you mentioned and another one where I have been a member for 16 years. I visit the same sites myself to clear companies before I work for them. (I am not going to mention Notary Cafe’s competitors because that is disrespectful.)

I paid for my membership and bought a second year. I did this because if I am going to recommend it, I want to spend the same money to someone I suggest it to.

You know what I get in return from Carrie for doing that? Access to the site. I am also able to suggest to new people that they can check it out as well as my other favorite site with a list.

Side Notes:

"There aren’t even 650 companies worth working for these days. And that number is dwindling all the time." Yes, there are that many companies on the site, and the companies are rated so that it is clear who is a good company and who is a bad company. Maybe many companies have read your unceasing postings of this type and know (like I do) if you get involved with them and turn on them, it’s going to be an unrelenting time of you looking through public records, newspapers, and talking about how awful they are. * People and businesses just can’t risk that.*

"Let’s analyze this pitch for paid membership." And, let’s analyze the public records and newspaper articles that could be hurtful to others that you have collected over the years to spread across Notary Land. This focus on Carrie can’t be healthy for you or anyone. She is not bothering you…she is no longer on the forum where you like to post. Give her a rest and try to find some joy in your life.



First: I wasn’t upset, as you recall it took several emails before you told me what your site provided. Second: I didn’t say a website from FB a facebook group referred me, all I saw was your site mentioned by one person who usually gives good advice and it wasn’t Brenda Stone. You handled the situation in a very sneaky fashion, rather than being honest, you tried to deflect my question (what do you provide) until it was no longer feasible.

So when I found out what your website provided, I realized that it was a waste of time, it all boils down to an anonymous chat room in which you promise access to a database of 650 companies…for me that isn’t worth what you were asking.

Last of all, you acted unprofessional in that you tried to get $80 from me when based on the information I submitted, I was eligible for the $40/year membership.

Lastly since NC members often post about bad/problem SSs, I decided to put the question to NC members. As you can see the overall response is negative, most see thru your charade. As for ‘not making any money’: if you get 1,000 members at $50/year thats $50,000 for a part time job and web sites aren’t that expensive (even the PHP enabled ones).

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Dan, just to be clear, no one is anonymous - everyone is identified before they join and the name the person uses is their real name.

I understand you said that I didn’t make this recommendation, but if not me, it was probably Robert. We would not recommend a group or site that we would not be a part of ourselves, but look at all the folks who don’t like it and haven’t even seen it…clairvoyant, perhaps?

Also, why a charade over $40? Now, that’s what has me puzzled. Would you risk your reputation over $40?

Let’s look at who didn’t like this…LOL, and who has NEVER been inside of the site.

SRJ who hasn’t been inside of it.
BMC who hasn’t been inside of it.
Prosigner 2005 who hasn’t been inside of it.

Found it useful…
ME - inside and found it useful.
MRJ - who is a member and found it useful. (I love her post!)
Other person who recommended you join.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back for another round of charades! All in good fun!

Can’t wait to see what comes next. :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for responding.
I think its wonderful that you have replyed to the post giving an explanation about your site.
Its always better to hear it directly.
Thank you again


Brenda: First, it wasn’t Robert, never heard of him. Second, the people you mentioned as “hasn’t been inside of it” most probably are not willing to spend the $100 to find out. Our evaluation of the worth of the site is based on what the owner stated. Lastly the “Other person who recommended you join” never recommended the site, only mentioned it, and I found the name of the site was intriguing. Lastly my use of the word anonymous was wrong, perhaps I should have used the term ‘shielded’, regardless of the word I used, as the owner stated, one of the reasons the site was set up was to shield the members from retribution from SSs who don’t like their comments.

Finally, end of discussion for me, I’ve said enough and the worth of the site is very evident from the description.


If you’ve kept a list of your own, then why did you feel the need to text someone we both know, today at 6:18 cst, and ask them to send you the "Notary reviews list when you have time?". :angry:


“keep your own spreadsheet of companies you’re contacted by.”

Thanks for the reminder! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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  • Dan, each of my email replies answered your questions…obviously not to your liking, but I did answer you. I even advised you NOT TO PURCHASE anything until you ACTUALLY READ THE WEBSITE as you were clearly and totally unaware of what you applied and received approval for.

  • “Second: I didn’t say a website from FB a facebook group referred me, all I saw was your site mentioned by one person who usually gives good advice and it wasn’t Brenda Stone.” …WRONG…When answering question #31 on the application,**“How did you hear about Notary Reviews?*” You wrote “Brenda Stone”. So I’m not the liar here. If I could post a pic of this I would here I certainly would…NC should allow this.

  • Its NOT “unprofessional” to make a mistake. And that is what I did as I acknowledge I sent you the wrong APPROVAL email. It should’ve been the one for Military, Veterans and Super Seniors 65+ for $40. It was just an honest mistake, not unprofessional. You could’ve emailed me to let me know of my mistake…why didn’t you?

  • The answer to question #32 on the application. “Briefly describe why you would like to be considered for membership with Notary Reviews?” you wrote, “Interested in forums and work.” The Forum is the same as here, same type of chat room posting. And its very true…members have 24/7 access to our Notary Reviews & Rated List which is a modern database with printing capabilities…and we now have 667 companies listed. :grin:

  • Fees were increased a bit more than previous years, but there are a number of special sales and discounts offered throughout the year. Anyone on those FB forums you would know this, as I post these sales on those forums with admin permission. I’ve always kept our fees budget friendly. Also, I could only wish for 1000 members, but the year is still young, and any extra money I do manage to make on this website is reinvested back…I’m not paid at all. Most of our Notary Reviews members, joined at discounted fees because they are either Sign & Thrive, Notary2Pro, Laura Biewer referrals.

Done and so done…


Sorry saying it wasn’t Brenda Stone was my mistake I thought it was a different Brenda.

One last comment: “Most of our Notary Reviews members, joined at discounted fees because they are either Sign & Thrive, Notary2Pro, Laura Biewer referrals.” shows me/us that your website is discounted to your friends and non-friends are expected to pay full price…not nice & not worth it.

One last thing, you told me you destroyed my application and all information I sent to you, You where not truthful, because your either have perfect memory or else you did not destroy the information I sent you. YOU BROKE THE LAW BY DIVULGING PERSONAL INFORMATION WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. DESTROY ANY AND ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION YOU HAVE ON ME OR I WILL LODGE A COMPLAINT AGAINST YOU WITH THE FTC FOR VIOLATION OF THE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS PRIVACY ACT.

Subsequent remarks by her indicate that the information has been deleted.

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Let me start by saying that Carrie and I have had our differences in the past, however I will say that she is not only very knowledgeable but also a a power house in this industry. None of us would like our name dragged through the mud without all the facts.

Fact: Sign and Thrive, Notary 2 Pro and Laura Biewer I don’t believe are necessarily Carries friends, or at least that is not why she discounts there recommended prospective members. It is because they train notaries to be NSA’s and do a fantastic job of doing so.

Fact: I am not a member of Notary Reviews and probably never will be, as I am most likely black balled. However, if I could join I would. I was a member of the original Facebook page before the website was started. The information and tips you get from other notaries is amazing. To have a place where signing companies and title companies cannot see any of our comments, complaints or discussions insulates those that are members from repercussions.

Fact: No one should ever feel like they are being singled out, especially one of our own. We should always have each others back, we may disagree, but to try and drag each other through the mud is just ridiculous.

I have read these comments since this posting went up, I have sat and wondered should I take the time to post. I will now probably get dragged for posting but hey won’t be the first.

Give Notary Reviews a chance. Could be the best money you spend. Could be the best resource information you get. You won’t know until you try. That is what this business is, you try it, if you don’t like it, don’t renew.

But before you offer your opinion on a site, you should at least have some experience with either the site or the person who runs the site.

I am only offering my opinion on the information regarding Notary Review and not on any other part of the conversation.


“You won’t know until you try. That is what this business is, you try it, if you don’t like it, don’t renew”, sorry there are less than 1,000 members, that we know for sure because the owner said so. That alone is probably justification for not paying $40-$100 per year. Now if the site had a 30 day money back guarantee I would try it and so would many others, but most probably would opt out within 30 days if they found little value.

You are welcome to your opinion. We will agree to disagree.


Move on . . . seriously . . . move on. We have read your posts. You have made it known how you feel. You are embarrassing yourself.