Okay, I am insulted

Does anyone know any companies that are going to pay the going rate for RONs @ $25/notarization - times 11 or times 8? This is a good point to keep in mind, all you new-to-the-business folks wondering if you should take the plunge into RON. Companies now offering $75 - $85 - $90 for a refi are sure as heck NOT going to agree to pay full allowable fee for a RON notarization…or multiple notarizations.

Why not? Title and Escrow just rolls the cost to the borrower. Signing companies will be delighted to charge that much… oh, wait. You mean, will WE be seeing those increases? Excuse me, I have to stop and clean my monitor screen. I choked from laughing so hard.


LOL…okay there Judi - you had me worried - was going to ask you to please multiply 25 by 11 and tell me what company in what universe will pay that cuz I’m all in!! LOL

That’s only $275. Ivannotary says he’s getting $350. (I have a straight face while I’m typing, really.)

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Don’t forget the signing agency/lenders who say ‘there’s not enough money for that fee’, completely disregarding that notary fees are itemized in the CD/ALTA documents.


I feel blessed. April is not over yet and I have completed 53 signings all came from title companies. No time to take anything from signing companies this month. Sorry. I’m busy. Lowest $120 highest $300. 100% paid up within 7-14 days max from these title companies. Nobody owes me longer than 2 weeks! I hope to complete 60 signings by the end of April. I’m already booked for the 1st 2 weeks in advance for May. :innocent::pray: Thank you God.


Way to make lemonade!

Ok, I just received a notification from signature closers offering $80 refi in evergreen CO! :joy: LMAO. Very funny guys. Good luck finding a notary to do it for that! I get paid between $250-$400 to go there. These people don’t know the area and they think it’s just an easy drive! But it is actually an up and down the steep sloped hair pin roads in the mountains where you can lose your brakes or fall off the road in one trip. Not to mention no cell service, so if you get in trouble you can’t call for help. Ugh.

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Yup. Getting a lot of those way out in the boondocks, last minute signings. Come on, people, just offer a reasonable fee up front and save those of us still working the bellyaches from scornful laughter before we accept another offer.


Just pray for them, and keep doing you. I had a service do a switch on me. I okayed a signing that started as a couple pages and the borrower had the package. I was headed in that direction for another signing and figured I could do a quick drive-by in 15 minutes. The day before I got an early morning secure message with a package attached. I was called and told the order had changed and they offered a $10 printing fee. I canceled right away and wished them luck!

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Totally understandable!

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Hi ! I’m a newbie in Texas . Does anyone know what a decent rate for me to accept would be ?

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Your $100 extra hazard/virus fee might be considered price gouging in California. I talked to the DA’s office investigator on this subject about hazard increase and he did some checking and said they office could not offer legal advice, but recommended that I check with a lawyer 1st.



Really? Why is that?

IMO the same as raising the price of toilet paper or hand sanitizer during a national emergency/time of crisis - it’s a tricky subject - if your normal fee is $125 and suddenly your charge $250 for the exact same service (albeit with some other circumstances thrown in) - that’s tantamount to price gouging. Personally, putting on a mask and keeping your distance does not warrant double fee or more.

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I agree completely.

Keeping in mind that market pressure - the law of supply and demand - controls fees on the open market:

Fewer of us are choosing to risk exposure. Supply is reduced. Interest rates have dropped. Demand is greater. Simple economics support a higher fee right now.

The key is how much greater? A modest increase - I am quoting 20% over my February fees - is certainly reasonable.

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To compare toilet paper to a bank refinance is not logical thinking to put it nice. It seems logical thinking has disappeared today! Toilet paper is almost a necessity to the average person, but a bank refinance is not. Wow!


Ask some of your borrowers if they consider closing the loan upon which they have spent 2 to 3 months to be vital.

Irregardless, market laws apply. Gasoline to auto insurance, eggs to electronics - when demand increases, prices go up. When supply increases, prices go down.


May I ask what you are charging?