Old Republic Title pay

Has anyone worked with Old Republic Title? . I’m a little confused. While the email sent says they pay about on average $95 per signing, I’m still being asked to provide a priceless. I don’t want to out price myself can anyone make any suggestions?


They are a great company to work with. Although I supplied my price list they still call me direct. They will let you know what they offer and you can accept, counter or decline. One of my favorite TC to work with as they are fair in the offers I have received… I rarely counter.


Thanks for your reply. So basically no matter what price I put
they’ll just give me what they’re willing to pay and it’s up to me to accept it?

Yup… pretty much….lol

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How can one sign up for them?

Honestly I cannot remember. They found me


Thank you… I appreciate the return response.

I use to think of ORT as top shelf. Then they reduced their fees. They were paying $175. Now they are offering $95 or less. None of my expenses have gone down 50+/-%.


They are one of my favorite title companies but due to the downturn in signings have closed their local branch where I live. I did receive an offer to sign up with them and I provided my price list but so far have not been contacted for any assignments. Word has it that loan applications went up at the end of last year, so maybe we will see a little improvement in the volume of work, but possibly at reduced fees.

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I guess it depends on the market price in the area. I have gotten assignments from them at different price points. When i get the call state the amount of the order, if it meets my minimum i take it. If it doesn’t i ask for more and 9 out of 10 times i get my price. They are definitely one of my favorite companies to work with.

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I agree. Really great company to work with. I have had no complaints.

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I used to work quite a bit for them, but have not received any requests from them in a long time. I think they are not doing many closings and like all the other title companies are ramping down there closing teams. They did ask me a couple of months ago to renew my paperwork with them, but haven’t received anything since. As far as pay. They pay about the same as everyone else does-less than previous years.


I got a call from them about two weeks ago. They’re now paying $90 unless there are “special circumstances”, then they are open to negotiation. I like them.

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I love them they’ve always treat me very very good

Hi Ms. Deejaywards, can you tell me how to sign up with Old Republic Title. Or, what signing websites they use to hire signing agents. I’m fairly new and would love to work with a great company and possibly get more request for jobs.

I just went to the website and sent an email

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I just got recruited by them as well. I gave them the big guns because i thought “Oh well, they can offer me lower”. I know with gas prices and the areas i go, it’s sometimes WAY out in the country. Plus i’m SO spoiled by one company that called me (I think it was PDQ) who said, "Oh no dear, (when i countered for 100) we take care of our notaries. We pay 150 (which is great for the area of the country i work in! >^…^<


Same here ~ they found me. I asked how they heard about me and they found me on NNA website.


I just signed up with them and again they didn’t let me ask above however they called me and I told him it was too far to do for 95 and they paid me 115. I asked for 125 but they negotiate with me, so I was OK with that.


What area / State are you in?