Oneway Video Interview for Bancserv

Ok, I’ve passed Bancserv’s test. It was easy. Completed and submitted all compliance docs. Now the final step is to do a oneway video interview! I will try to do that tomorrow! Got any tips?


Please keep us posted because I am hoping to get with Bancserv but had no knowledge of a video interview as part of the process.

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Thanks! I’ll let you know:) I got busy and was not able to do video recording! Deadline is Dec. 20th! With Christmas/Holiday & Winter Break are closing in on me, I need to get it done by tomorrow! It better be worth it!

I’m curious - how do you do a one-way video? Don’t both of you see the other person? I don’t get it.

It’s done via SPARK HIRE! Here is what they say, “A one-way video interview is sometimes referred to as an “asynchronous interview” because only you, the job seeker, are present and doing all the talking. The interview questions will be presented to you in either text or video form. Once you have recorded and submitted your responses, the recruiter or hiring manager will review your interview on their own time.”

I’m sure I’ll get a nice big pimple smack in the middle of my forehead by tomorrow morning! LOL


okay - so really not a true "interview’ huh? Just more questions to answer - I’d guess along the lines of “how would you handle the following scenario…”

Good luck with it! And thanks for responding

Ok, so I finally finished the oneway interview! It was very unnatural and very uncomfortable for me:( Ugh…

So sorry to hear that…

Oneway Video Interview screen shot. Thank God I can’t view the videos after submission. :joy:

Yay! Super excited! I have been approved:)


I had applied last month past the first text ,they said congratulations try again in six months not much experience yet.

Bancserv is an excellent company to work with. The are quick with their payments and very professional. Congratulations and good luck.

Thank you and good luck to you. Sorry, for the late reply! I got swamped with signings. Last week was crazy busy! Just Friday alone fees got nothing less than $100! :+1: Took 2 $100s, 1 $115, 1 $125, 1 $150. Closing 1 tomorroow $175, and 1 $200:). Feeling blessed:) :pray::innocent: So how do I clone myself? Kidding LOL. Sadly, I turned down about 30-40 requests last week just on Friday alone! Half were direct phone calls and direct email requests, I felt so bad I couldn’t help! I love my job as an NSA! but, Yikes! ! Not enough time! Yikes!


Thank you! Have a wonderful Holiday!

No problem I appreciate you replying, Happy Holiday to you too!

Ok, I received 2 calls from Bancserv today:) Turned down one due to schedule conflict, and accepted one Refi for $120. Looks like their refi fee is fair!

Does anyone know how much experience they require to be one of their NSA’s? I’ve only done 3 signings so I will look forward to the day :wink:

Click on the link at the bottom for information on the video interview.

I agree! I love Bancserv. They are very efficient and pay promptly. I can always reach someone when I have a question or an issue pops up.

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Do they ask you to provide proof of the number of signings you have completed?