Only work for Title compa Mortgage or law firms

I will never accept a job from any signing company. They get paid $250/300 and pay you $75. I was stiffed by a lot of them. They won’t pay, or answer emails or phone calls asking for payment.

Now only Title, mortgage and law firms. God bless all of you for working for peanuts.


How has that worked for you?

I am sorry you had that experience but I encourage you to politely negotiate a higher rate like I do. When any hiring company calls me and offers $XX to do an assignment, if it is too low, I politely COUNTER the offer with $XXX. Whether it is a signing service, a lender, or a title co, and if the offer is too low, I counter it. And if we can’t agree on a rate, both sides politely move on. It is nothing personal. It’s just business.

I’m including a partial pic of payment invoice from one such signing company I accept assignments from regularly in Washington (state).

I wish you good luck :+1:


Live and learn, huh! I enjoy the consistent procedures with the title companies I work with. It makes life so much easer. I had one sign company I had worked with off and on through the years. They want a notary agreement, filed out at end of sign, then you have to take the time to scan over to get paid. 5 months later and I can’t get paid. The answer, whomever was receiving the agreements wasn’t passing them along to the accounting department. WHAT! I am so peeved, I politely moved on. No excuse for the difficulty and delay, none.


WOW ! I viewed your invoice. Low $250 and it goes up from there. Are these individual signings or totals for the day? Would you describe the type of signings these were…the difference between the $300 & $400 charges.

Hi John, each is a single signing for that particular signing service. My rates vary depending on type of signing, number of signers, size of loan package (if known), travel distance, and whether scanbacks are required. I am in Western Washington, so for me there can be significant driving involved to reach signing locations. :hourglass_flowing_sand:= :heavy_dollar_sign:


Thank you. Do you know if they have signings in Florida? I sure like those prices! Yep

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Carmen, Is this mostly refi work? Which company? And do the other companies offer these amounts in your area?

Yes, indeed. All 50 states.

My rates are my rates no matter who is calling to hire me. There are several signing service companies I like to do signings for. Feel free to call me, Sheila. 360-280-0888

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I bet I know exactly who that might be. A shame too. They “paid” well when you could finally get them to. And, you have to deal with the snippy response (again, when you could get them to). Oh well.

May I know which signing company?

Hi Nina, sorry I never post company names here in this forum.

I can tell you my signing agent prices are never arbitrary. It is never a matter of certain rates for certain companies. That’s not how I do business. WHOMEVER contacts me to do a loan signing, I try to get specifics and then I provide a rate quote based on my anticipated cost/time/effort. If the hiring company agrees, they approve my rate and I get the assignment. If not, we both move on.

The majority of my assignments are from signing service companies. Refi remains my most common assignment request. And only a very small handful of assignments have been direct hires by lenders, title companies, or private individuals.

You are welcome to call me (tomorrow) if you wish to discuss privately. I am pretty much an open book and have fielded a few calls regarding the invoice pic.

Wishing you great success. :+1:

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is it better to work directly or build a team and start ur own!

I get fees like this as well. I average $300-325 per standard signing, but get as much as $600 a signing and occasionally will do it for like $175 if it is around corner… I gave gotten even more but then we start getting to exceptions…then again I am an attorney…

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And therein lies the secret. I’ve been reading your posts this morning about the fees you get and was shaking my head - in my years doing signings I NEVER got the fees some are saying they get. I’d be blacklisted for life if I even hinted I wanted $300 for a signing…I had to fight for $125-$150 (which is why 4 years ago I stopped doing them).

It’s all clear now - at least about you Mr. Dubin. :slight_smile:

P.S. another clarifying point I found - Mr. Dubin is an attorney in an attorney-only state - my home state of CT - they just went attorney-only last year or the year before. That also explains your ability to command a higher fee.


Not sure how to take that, but ok…

Elliot, we are ALL happy that you have joined Notary Cafe as you bring a different perspective, (being an attorney). Linda is simply pointing out that with ONLY a Signing Agent education, we can’t command your prices. Your input has now given us the knowledge on the extra amount KEPT by the SS’s. We thank you for this info.


Exactly John

@elliot.dubin I meant no disrespect - your post just answered the question in my mind of how a signing agent could get those fees. You’re in a different ballpark than we are.

And yes, we welcome your expertise to this forum.


How do you get ‘in’ with Title Companies, etc? I would love to do this!!