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Letter size paper is up $10 to $20 per case of 10 reams. Legal size paper is twice that amount. Please post cheap places to get paper. If people keep taking these low-ball fees and we can’t bring the prices up and we’re having to pay more for supplies, how are we supposed to make money? Please post any and all advice that you may have. Thanks.


With all do respect, people are not taking “low ball fees.” Clients are “offering” low ball fees. Which forces us to take in “some” income as opposed to “no” income. The price of paper will move up or down with the market regardless of what our industry is doing. My advice? Treat it like anything else you need, and shop around! Most don’t know paper is a commodity (Lumber, Pulp) and the prices change daily.


I’m not here to argue with you. However, most fees in my area come across at $75. Somebody is taking those fees or they wouldn’t be coming across at that amount. I’m in the greater Salem area of Oregon right above California which makes twice that amount. I’ve been working in this area for 8 years and it’s not changed, not once. They even come across at $65 sometimes.

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Not trying to argue at all. But how can someone take something for $75 if it wasn’t offered to them in the first place? I would like to think they didn’t reverse negotiate themselves.

Staples advantage discount program is where I get my supplies, free shipping.


Sigh… this is not helpful. If you come across a good deal, I would appreciate knowing about it. Thanks.


Yeah, it sucks! Occasionally I find someone who beats out Walmart, but very rarely. Especially on legal size. Also, crunch your numbers when shopping. People tend to “assume” you get a discount by purchasing by the case. I’ve made my best savings by purchasing individual reams.


This has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past few months


I dont go through legal as much as i do letter so i only tend to keep three packs on hand at any given time. I get it at Walmart for $8 each.


I was doing Walmart in the five packs however it’s gone up $10 in my area. I’m going to have to go back to buying a 10 ream case because it’s the cheapest, but it’s so hard to carry.

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It takes me two or months to blow through 3 packs… but it makes sense if you go through it alot. I also use the members discount program at Staples recycle my toners for $2 rewards credit and drop my ups packages off there where they give my a $10 coupon to use on purchases. It all adds up… or in my case saves me alot of money

And this was for just this month


Walmart for letter and legal and/or Costco just for letter. If you have access to any group discounts through any Signing Services such as Nationwide Signing Service you can get discounts at Office Depot on paper and other supplies but the discounts are hit and miss and change by the month.

I am paying about $5.00 more per case on letter and about $10.00 more on cases of legal since prices have increased.

Fortunately Toner has remained priced the same at (always buy in the bulk for best prices)


Costco and walmart still are the best priced though I noticed walmarts paper prices are going up like crazy now. Still, walmart for legal paper is still cheaper and costco for letter paper. Also I get my printing supplies from and their prices have remained the same thankfully.

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I recommend you sign up to receive notifications from the local auction houses in your area. I bought a pallet of legal paper for $130 and a pallet of letter size paper for $160. I’ve also bought my printers for $60. It takes a little effort to win the auction but the payoff is huge. I actually hired a local youth to unload my car and place it in my basement.


Wait! (not being sarcastic here,) but what do you drive? A “pallet” of paper in your car? That’s like 40 cases!


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With no signings to do, that paper will come in handy when the cold weather sets in and it comes time to kindle the fireplace.

In the same breath, I admire the thriftiness and fortitude of stocking up if the price is right. My hope is that you have enough work to make the expenditure worthwhile. Good luck to you :innocent:


Agreed that paper can be a large expense :slight_smile: I get mine from BJs (it is similar to Costco) and it is usually $30 for 10 reams letter. I order legal from Staples when it is on sale. I’m lucky to have mostly hybrid and remote, so paper costs have gone down for me as I rarely accept a full-print refi any more. (And, honestly, most of the title co’s I work with are either hybrid or they print all including copies and I just pickup at their office and take with me). My thought on paper cost is that it is just that, a cost of doing business. You do YOU and determine what is profitable for your business :slight_smile:

Holy smokes! I keep one case of each on hand LOL. I can just imagine my husband’s face if I came home with a pallet-full for him to unload for me.

I was just thinking (and I’m sure many readers of my stuff already know what I’m about to say, but for the newbies and those who don’t), with things as slow as they are, now would be an excellent time to revive your operating practices. Here’s a list of some things you can do and spend almost nothing:

  1. Clean and service your printer, copies, fax, scanner and any other mechanical/electronic equipment you use in your practice. I’ll bet you haven’t touched these things in months and months.
  2. Review your routine supplies inventory for shortages and overages
  3. Buy some convenience stamps for use with your journal
  4. Time for an oil change in your vehicle?
  5. Review your budget, business plan and taxes and see if improvements can be made
  6. Re-read your state’s Notary Laws/Guide
  7. Brush up on areas where you’re maybe a little weak (credible witness, loan forms that always give you trouble, when you use witnesses, etc.) Read the NNA’s Bulletins to sharpen your skills.
  8. Take an in-depth look at your personal and professional presentation (things getting a little ragged from overuse, laziness or neglect?)
  9. Scour the Notary Cafe website for past missives that may provide just the answers you’re looking for.
  10. Do some real research on your profitability model. Be sure it makes sense and that it is honest, complete and that it works for YOU. Quit worrying about what others are doing or how their models work; only you will know what you want out of this line of work. When you’re clear, capable and motivated, get after it!

I hope you get at least one actionable idea off my little list. I left out a bunch of stuff, I’m sure, so y’all are invited to add to this ‘starter’ list.


I also go to Top Cash Back website first and then to Staples when ordering. I get 3-5% back from Top Cash Back in addition to the Staples Rewards Membership. It’s double dipping the rewards and it works like a charm!