Partnering with a Notary in your area has its advantages

So I have read on a few “how to grow your Notary business” platforms that partnering with another Notary in your area has its advantages… I tried to do this before by reaching out to others but no one ever responded to my mentoring requests or other types of requests.

That is until now….

I have been working as a notary for another notary on his side business, notarizing some documents that he needs on a weekly basis. He was out of town this weekend and received a few calls for GNW and sent them over to me. Today alone I made over $250 doing GNW and sent him $50 for the referral.

We spoke about it and agreed that we would be each other’s back up when things like this happen. I get a lot of requests for GNW that I turn down looking back they were closer to his side of town than I was and he would have probably taken the quick win. So now we came to an understanding / agreement that moving forward we would refer business to each other so that we could all win.


Congratulations! Way to network!


Wow, this is a wonderful example of networking!


I really love this idea:) :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I actually have one company that asked me twice to have backup notary/notaries because I’ve been blocking my calendar with them for the whole month for each month! Yikes!
I will have to find me a side-kick……

I know I don’t have to tell you this but make sure if you do you screen that person in a major way remember if you refer them and they screw up that reflects on you… again I know I don’t have to tell you that as you have been around the block and back a few times to know how to cover your ASSETS… :rofl:

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It’s like on a mission to find a husband right? :joy:

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totally… :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

That’s going be a problem……
High expectation is my issue…:face_with_spiral_eyes:……… OK, I’m just kidding, I am extremely easy going! Just ask my husband, he gave me a nickname PITA…

Hey!!! There is nothing wrong with having high expectations… the only problem I find is that it’s hard to find others with the ability to rise to meet mine… lol… My husband keeps telling me I need to lower my expectations of other people… NOPE… Not trying to do that… either to rise to meet them or move out of my way as I’m about to run you over cause you are only in my way on the road to success…

I am one of the nicest and friendliest person you will ever meet until you mess with my money honey…


OK, you’re scaring me….:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: You were in banking way too long…


Partnering with another Notary is a great idea. I’m partnering with a Notary that refers me GNW, it works for me considering i’m new in the business. I would love to work with others to get the experience and exposture.

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Good for you guys. I used to have a friend that was in a different county,
and we did this for loan signings. We can’t charge trip fees NC so it’s
almost pointless to that for GNW here. Ron is not approved here. Our
state is so backward. If someone comes close to me I will meet them in
a parking lot or public place.

Welcome to the community……Does your state allow for service fees? My state AZ only allows for travel fees of up to $0.445 a mile and $10.00 per act fee. I advertise life event type notarizations which often leads to Trust type appointments of $50 -$200 I find in GNW.

Where are you located?

@teresa2779 - you may find this interesting

and this

Did not research the status of the bill so not sure if it was voted down or out or is still pending.

I’m in Costa Rica!!!

It’s no wonder your fees are so high!

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Yep yep…………………yep….yep….

I have a few issues with this.

  1. Why would you create a local competitor in this market, or any market. My vendors are mine. (You might as well give over your vendor list) Not going to happen.
  2. You refer them, to do a signing, you where offered, then they make mistakes, make the borrower unhappy, that’s a direct reflection on you and your future business with that vendor. Not going to happen.
  3. I have a hard time trusting that another notary will send me a $50. referral fee, after the signing. I known many friends that have been burned on referral fees no being paid.

Note: I do have one maybe two of my vendors that are active notaries, and do give me notary business (Signing Company startups). But they take care of collecting fees from the title company, then they pay me the fee we agree on.

If this works for you, good luck!

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