PAVASO (Digital Mobile Notary Training) - getting certified


I recently got information regarding Pavaso Mobile Notary Training. While this doesn’t sound like a bad idea (getting away from having to go over the documents and waiting for the borrowers to sign, etc. (they do this in the privacy of their home), I am wondering what is the fees that one gets when processing these documents as a notary. Is it worth it to go through all this and travel and get a laptop? Any responses would be appreciated. Karen

I will because it is coming down the pike also it would be good to have this in your business arsenol

I already have it. I’ve done a few, but because I live in a “wet” state, there are still some documents that must be signed with ink to be recordable. But I agree, it is the wave of the future.

What is your fee for these and why?

I would also like to know if you have seen a change in fees offered. I will get certified as it is the way of the future.

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I got a get on board from 24/7 -I went through the Video- Lots of questions-why use a notary to sit there for less that 15 minutes, for people who don’t have a clue on what they are entering their identity code number, I wouldn’t be surprised if these signing are at a whopping $25.00. They mentioned you must be at a wi-fi hot spot, is the signers going to give you there log in or password to send the data, and most people have have the slowest speed, because its the cheapest, because you might be there all day if you send it at there house, the notary will have to buy a devise from ATT, they can only be purchased directly from ATT at a monthly fee, or have a data plan and send it via your cell phone number- wait to you see when you have to pay for unlimited data, or just recently Apple has reduced the speed of older phones, so you will have to buy a new phone, so fellow mobile notaries, this sounds cool, and this is a way of the future, but what I believe the cost for us will be a loss to you, but everyone other that you will get there money, Loan Officer, Title, Agency, but you will get a small sty pen for you services.

I spoke to National Notary Association about Notarize 24/7 requesting that I get a certification from Pavaso. Without saying anything derogatory, and saying very few notaries from California had requested their advice concerning this kind of signing and me realizing that I would have to get a laptop and make sure the clients had a hot spot or I had some device to make sure I had internet service, etc., etc. and so forth. And then I also read that there is a fee to get the primary certification I would want to get and who knows how much I would get paid once I concluded it, I decided I’m not going to even bother. I get my money working with equity loans - takes hardly any time and I don’t have to worry about all the rigmarole. And if I get refinancing and have to print out docs - so what. I felt relieved that I just put Pavaso out of my head, and I was back doing my regular signings. Whew!


The only real concern I have is that some companies will change their setup in a day and you have to adjust to it. Some of my bigger clients contact me only through an app on my Iphone. There is no call to me and I have to accept of decline the order when I receive it through the app, The customary way before this was through a direct call to me. This no longer happens. If the title companies decide that they will only use Pavaso or another computer based closing system, I fear that I may be locked out by not being approved for this type of deal. As of now, I know of no company that pays a higher fee for these closings and as such, I am not yet including them in my list of services.

I have done several Pavaso signings for Equity National. They pay no more for this service or for that matter they did not reduce my fee for leaving and becoming Pavaso Certified which was free for me to take the test. The downfall to the Pavaso signings is that that client themselves are not being educated properly to get the process done! So when you arrive at the signing and ask if the BO has completed their portion of the signing they are sometimes dumbfounded! I have been at a Pavaso signing that took 15 minutes, but have also been at a Pavaso signing for 2 hours cuz of problems getting the docs completed by the clients. I have been patient and didn’t want to lose the work on these signings, but the fees are to low to continue with there mistakes and need to get the site and client more educated to work efficiently! Not to mention a lot of the times the client will end up not wanting to do the Pavaso signing and cancel that and go back to signing all wet docs which is more to do on everyone’s end.


Appreciate your posting of firsthand experience with this platform. Love to hear more.

I too have questions regarding the online signings. I have passed the test but have not given my certificate to Notary 247 until I find out more information. The fee is definately something I would like to know. Our state does require wet signings for any docs needing a notary certification. Plus they say you do not upload those docs, they are still sent via fedex. As far as purchasing a signing pad, I was told the signature by signing with a finger, stylus or mouse doesn’t matter if it looks like their signature, as long as you witness it. The other concern I had was the internet service at the place of signing, hot spots, etc. This could frustrate the signer if you have online issues. I’m not sure its worth it as by the time you get the software up on the screen, you could have wet signed everything and be done.

Anyone who has done one, please provide information for the rest of us.

Probably not, BUT I’m sure it will take time and some grief to get connected and begin. I don’t see this as a time-saver–quite the opposite. But it gets TC/Lender what they want immediately and I doubt they’ll be paying a premium for this service.
The fact that they don’t mention pay is a ‘tell’…get you onboard, you bought the stuff and might as well get some use out of it even tho’ the offered fee stinks. Then, when you’re partially thru–they decide not to continue–and it’s another trip with paper? Or spend more money so you can print in your car–just in case. I don’t think sooo.

I took their training and got certified. Finally broke through and got their rates. The most they pay is $75 and that requires fax backs. Everything else is $50 or lower. They did say “if your rates are slightly different then let them know and they will update your profile and they will call you once your fee is approved”. This company Notarize 247 last called me for a closing in a town in the next county 65 miles one way and they wanted to pay $35.00. They have no clue what it takes just to break even in this business. I doubt if I will EVER get a call. If I was in this business to make a living I could make more flipping burgers. My fee is still $100 and I still do a good job.

That is really sad. We need to HAVE so much pricey stuff…and that’s all they want to pay? (Glad I passed on this.)
Thank you for posting your experience with this platform. I’m sure many will appreciate the info you’ve provided.

Received an email from Signature Closers stating they have partnered with Pavaso and encouraging us to sign up. Virginia is on board with E closings but I have not registered yet. I did review the Pavaso youtube demonstration and found the process to be fairly simple.

As I live in the country,98% of my signings are in adjacent counties requiring a great deal of drive time. $75 simply will not cut it for me. I have used Verizon for years but have found about a dozen signings this past year with very weak and sometimes no coverage available to complete a signing on the Pavaso platform. And I certainly do not want to deplete my hotspot data even if I get a good signal. Additionally, a great majority of my signings are in these same areas where the only means to get internet is by satellite dish. As one who has a data dish, I need to keep my fingers crossed that the weather is stable enough to keep a connection.

If your information is correct Spencer, then it is certainly not worth the effort in obtaining a new laptop, state certification, etc. I don’t believe any notaries in my area would do these signings for $50… Maybe $75 if the signing was close by. :))


Remember too, Bill, that you in VA can charge a higher fee for e-notarizations and remote (webcam) notarizations - but your record retention requirements are vastly different and very involved. All of this, at least for you in VA, should mean an equitably higher fee is in order.

That was my experience, also. Next time I get a Pavaso assignment, I will make sure the client is ready. I spent 1.5 hours while they completed their side. I chalked it up as a learning experience as now I know both sides of the process. But I did let Pavaso and Equity National know that I felt it was their responsibility to make sure the client was ready before a notary arrived.

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Why are people letting these lowballing signing services set the tone for our fees. From what I can tell, there are not enough Pavaso certified notaries around so we hold the power. PLEASE wake up! Command your fees! Do your research! The same signing services mentioned here lowballing Pavaso Notaries are the same ones lowballing traditional notaries! ‘‘This is a perfect opportunity for notaries to stand up for ourselves & against bad behavior! Sure! We’ll adopt your platform that you are DESPERATELY seeking notaries for (I’m getting approached all over the place) BUT HERE ARE OUR TRUTHS:

 It costs us more money ($99/$50 per year for Pavaso + mobile hotspots + digital equipment)
 It likely costs us more than printing but definitely no less
 Pavaso notaries are limited which means you have to pay a premium for me. I am now like a limited edition item and not everybody gets one (in my goofy/fun voice)!

We are in demand! We have the power! This is economics 101! Know your worth then add tax on top of it!


Have you continued to use PAVASO & if so has it improved? Have they done a better job in educating their clients before the Notary arrives?


Good question I’m following this because I AM Pavaso certified and unsure how to benefit from this