Portable Scanner for Rural Closings

Who uses one and what brand? I get a lot of closings that are 1 hour + each way from my office (home) and then 45 min each way to drop at FedEx. So I am looking to be able to scan from the car to cut the travel time.


Leslie Smith

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I have a Brother ADS-1700W mobile scanner to take to all my signings. It scans very fast and it’s convenient. You will need to plug it in and you will need a wifi source (I carry a portable wifi box) that you will need to connect to. Both the scanner and/or your phone/computer will need to be connected to the same wifi source.

Epson es-400 or es-500. Only way to go in my opinion. Quicker than brother scanners. I can scan 180 pages in less than 3 minutes. I dropped my scanner from 4-5 feet a few times, not by choice & it always survived. It’s a work horse

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I use a Brother ADS-2700. Had for over 3 years. Works great in my car which has wifi for it and my computer. I actually have one at home, also, but I use my mobile scanner most often. I get my scans back fast! And doesn’t bothers me if a scanback is required because the scanner is such a reliable workhorse.

Hello the best thing I ever did early on was get a mobile scanner. I use an Epson 200 ES and a lot of times in FedEx in Office suite I will hook my scanner up to my service and scan documents before I even send it sometimes I do it at the table. Thing to remember if you’re going to prove yourself as a dedicated secure agent is never use Wi-Fi anywhere therefore, my laptop is hooked up to a personal hotspot on my phone which is password saved, and then my scanner is plugged into my laptop making sure everything is scanned and upload it to that particular person folder And then documents are sent then I will scan the package and get a receipt has saved me many times and I was fortunate enough to find mine for $130. That’s all I was even more fortunate to find a HP laser print, portable printer in which , when I use it, it has its own built-in Wi-Fi, which is password safe so I do the opposite. I connect my phone to its Wi-Fi when I need to print, especially printing out licenses that the signers weren’t able to make a copy of many times when I’ve had Services call me And they know I have a mobile printer, especially when there’s an updated settlement statement last minute the relief is awesome and you become known to be able to handle things right at the table if necessary. All my profiles also show unique items for instance mobile scanner, and printer, or with notary notary, can provide second witness and in my case , Notary can access military facilities, all of my profiles state this at the bottom it helps immensely.
Happy Closings

I just bought the Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-The-Go Professionals (ADS1700W) AND the Aproca Hard Carrying Storage Travel Case, fit Brother Wireless Compact Desktop Scanner ADS-1700W / ADS-1250W / ADS-1200W—as in it arrived yesterday. They were $219.99 and $29.99.

Hi Leslie,

As I live in a rural part of Oregon, I use the the Brother ADS-1700W. It is very intuitive, works great and seamlessly connects to my window OS laptop. Hope this helps!


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We have the Epson ES 580W paired with an ONN extension inverter (sold at Walmart in the Electronics department) it has 2-3 outlets and plugs into your cigarette lighter port.

I live in rural NW Montana and use Epson ES60W for my portable scanner. I plug it into my laptop and have a Verizon hotspot gadget for my wifi.
I found this set up to be really good so I don’t have to run back to the office which is 10 miles, one direction, from the local FedEx station.
Thankfully, not a lot of clients need scanbacks. however it seems that more companies are requesting them these days.

Think you may have wasted your money. Most new phones can do what’s called a direct connect or link via wifi saving the need to buy a wifi source. Most devices have this ability these days and there are apps that also help easy linking.

It’s a great investment. I have been doing closings for over ten years, it’s very convenient. Taking pictures of documents and turning them into PDFs isn’t my thing. What works for you may not work for me and my business. Not to mention, I am an engineer for a tech company, and I am very aware of the new technology routes, just not my way of doing things.

Happy signing!