Premium Signature Services

A few weeks ago I was offered a signing through Premium Signature Services, which, through some digging, I found out was a new company by John Hoyt. After seeing just about everyone say “stay away”, I declined the signing. However, the offer kept coming in as the evening went on, with a higher and higher rate, as no one was willing to take it, I assumed based on location.
Eventually, I accepted and, in communication with John Hoyt, stated my reluctance to accept the job based on what I had heard. To which he replied, it’s a new company/trying to break the negative name, etc. So I took a chance and did the signing, which went smoothly.
Long story short, I was paid last week, which was right in the time frame of expectation. I only thought it was fair to post this fair experience through PSS, in case anyone should be curious in the future. No complaints on my end.


Good to read the goods in “bad companies reputation”
Thank you for sharing :wink:


Thanks for sharing! Good to know. I tend to always root for the underdog who’s willing to see the issue and correct it. I see some companies take a beating. I always try to hold off my judgment until I personally, have an issue.


Without for their digging on my part, what is the website? Are they using any of the other platforms like Snapdocs?

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It would be nice if John Hoyt from the notary pool would pay me for the jobs he still owes me from 2 years ago! It’s not fair that he screws us notaries closes down a company and opens a new one in a different name! Pay your debts John!


WellGod love ya! I don’t deal with any Signing companies! I have been burned and some refuse to pay or stiffed! I ONLY deal with title companies, mortgage companies and law firms. I have been doing this for 20 years and took Advise from the experts.


I have done 2 closings for them in the last month. They have been great to deal with and I was paid in full and on time for both. I have called twice and John Hoyt answered both times and took the time to talk with me.

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Yeah good! I have worked for them also, the thing about smaller sign companies is to watch your communication channels. I receive errors in my docs sometimes with the title companies but effective communication solves everytime.

Question… How did you connect with the TC’s? Do you do anything different for them? What is there rate of pay? Thank you for your imput.

I took three from him in January and then heard all of the negative news. Most are saying that he pays well and fast for 3 to 5 jobs and then suddenly won’t pay.

I really do hope he IS legitimately trying to do good now.

An update I just got paid from them and so relief :slight_smile:

I’m a bit behind, so sorry. The number 949-933-8605, and 800-201-3602 he picks up as well.

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They are using Signing Order. I accepted an assignment from them and just sent the invoice. I will report my experience for FYI purposes.


Good to know. I don’t make it a habit to check them out, because I just hurry to take the signing. But I do need to familiarize myself with them. In any case, this is good to know. I just did a signing for them.

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Do we need to send an invoice to them? I also got one for them through signing order. Usually it tells you how you will be paid, but this one didn’t have the info.

Did you have to submit an invoice?

Do they (Premium Signature Service) have a website? I have been searching but can’t find anything. I have a signing from them, and trying to enter their info but I am finding little to nothing.

They also use SnapDocs…just beware of this guy, he burned so many NSAs, out of thousands of dollars…


You can check out more information on Notary Rotary as well on John Hoyt former owner of Notary Pool.

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I have done a couple signings for them via signingorder. You will need to complete after on signing order and complete on venbooks. You can send invoice from Venbooks too.