Preparing For First Signing

I know that I need to keep 2 copies of the documents for my signing, one for my records and one for the signer. Do I only keep a copy of the documents for myself to remember what type of Notarization it is Or Am I supposed to have them sign both copies?

You print two copies - one to sign, one to leave with signers. You do not keep copies for yourself. You may choose to keep a copy of your scanbacks for limited future reference but they better be securely kept.

Not sure where you’re located, but in Florida notaries are not authorized to keep copies of the docs they notarize (except for the CW form )

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@shyaraht.notary Based on the content of your query, it does appear that you have yet to provide yourself with the opportunity of undergoing professional training prior to engaging in this profession . . .

If you’ve already received training, where did you undergo it please?


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