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Hey there! I have a 5 minute presentation to a Real Estate Networking group. Trying to figure out what to say - maybe “how to help prepare your signer for closing” What would you cover? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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That the 2 biggest complaints I hear are ‘it took too long’ & ‘they kept losing stuff’. The solution is for the Buyer/Borrower to get the needed financial documentation together & well-organized and they’ll only have to do it one time. As a former real estate broker and LO, I am amazed at how quick a Lender can be to approve a Loan when they’re impressed by the Borrower’s totally ‘there’ and organized documentation. Who doesn’t like someone who makes their job easy? The 2nd complaint leads to the first. What I’d like to tell them, but wouldn’t, is “You already sold this house & we’re closing. You don’t have to ‘sell it again’ at the table.” In other words, shut up & let me do my job in a professional manner & get the docs back to Lender quickly.


My suggestion for realtors is “make sure your clients’ ID matches how they want title vested” … The bane of the notary trying to get the closing done.


Is this for a realtors networking group or in a realtor’s office with multiple RE agents?

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Realtor/real estate industry networking group. THANKS!

Totally. Thanks so much!

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@SheilamWulf this is a good idea you have - best of luck to you!

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Ok then, since you only have five minutes to do! Just pass out a bunch of business cards and or some simple pamphlets and do a quick informative speech. Use a topic like,
“What is a notary signing agent”, or “Why do you need a notary signing agent?” Basically
just give them a quick introduction about yourself, your title, explain exactly what it is that you do, why you are the best and why they should use you, etc.

If you do a speech on this topic, “how to help prepare your signer for closing” the realtors will not like it because realtors know all about preparing their clients for closing and then some. Know your audience! Don’t try to tell them things they already know!
Your job is to build relationship, be excited about your job and why you love it and why they need to work with you! Good luck!

I used to be in a Rotary Club, NAWBO-National Association of Women Business Owners, and many B2B leads groups back in my banking days so I’ve done many of those presentations.


Disagree with this - they already know that - since the “profession” has been around for better than 20 years, they are well aware what a notary signing agent is and what they do.

Disagree with this too - many really don’t know how to prepare their clients, evidenced by the recurrent posts we see of problems at the table w/ issues that could have been avoided pre-closing.

I do agree with the statement about building relationships - stress what you bring to the table and how you can benefit them and their business. Stress your value to their team.

I still think this is a good subject to address.

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You can disagree all you want I don’t care. I was the top banker in the country number one and number two back when I was in banking so I think I know a little bit about that side of the business.

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And I have over 30 years in the real estate closing and mortgage industry…

Is this a competition??? I certainly hope not. Should have added JMO at the end.


You are kidding me right? Don’t you have anything else better to do?

She has five minutes to get their attention! She needs to explain who she is what she does and why they need to use her, basically she needs to build the relationship, secure their trust so they can use her immediately!

Her goal is to make sure they walk away remembering her name and her business and how they can get a hold of her when they need her service! So yes, that is the primary target of her presentation!

Wow, I thought you were smarter than that.:thinking:. Let’s network.

@mannie1950 no ego here…just stating a fact in response to two years banking experience… It’s not like I don’t have time, blood, sweat and tears in this industry. . I do have significant education and hands on experience in real estate closings and the mortgage industry’s ins and outs. Along with title work and title insurance training. And significant time spent working with realtors, lenders, title abstractors/title searchers and title insurers/attorneys. I’m not as stupid as some people think I am

Thanks all! The presentation went great! And fyi - it was supposed to be “educational” not a commercial on myself. Sorry I didn’t clarify that. The reality is, I was probably preaching to the choir, but one thing they did not know was Signing Services. What they do and their pay structure etc. and that new notaries tend to take those low paying signings. etc. Thanks again!


Congrats!! Thanks for coming back and letting us know!

I was on the Executive Board of NAWBO when I lived in Florida… It seems we walked along the same roads in our careers

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Great, sounds to me like you did an informative speech. :thinking:. Sorry for suggesting an official type of speech which it’s meaning is unfamiliar to some.
What is informative speech as I have suggested?:thinking:
“An informative speech is one that intends to educate the audience on a particular topic. There are many different types of informative speeches, including speeches that describe the conditions of a subject and speeches that instruct the audience on how to perform an action.”

Interesting that you’re not supposed to talk about yourself which is to talk about you and your business, in short selling yourself at a business networking group which would result in business referrals. :thinking: I’m learning something new about networking group:)…