Prestige Notaries lowered my fee AFTER a successful signing

Accepted an offer from Prestige Notaries for a local signing listed as a Purchase and Sale with scanbacks for $150 on Friday. Signed it with no issues, scan backed and dropped package, the docs were only for a sale (no purchase).

Today, Monday, they said it offered wrong and since it was only purchase they retroactively changing my fee to $115, no phone call, no negotiation.

I replied and ask them not to send me any more offers, since I will not be accepting them from them in the future.

This has never happened to me before and wonder it has happened to other notaries. This is certainly a company to avoid.


They certainly knew what it was/wasn’t when they sent the docs. They should have re-negotiated YOUR fee prior to the job being completed. They didn’t and it’s ‘bait & switch’ to arbitrarily lower fee after the fact.
Tho’ I am a bit confused: first you said it was a Purchase & Sale; then it was only a Sale; then it became a Purchase only. May or may not be a fair fee for a Sale–but even that depends upon other factors (pkg. size, distance driven, etc.). Regardless, they shouldn’t change agreed fee after the fact.


Step one report to the BBB
Step two, get a hold of the CEO let them know they breached the contract, and if they don’t cure it immediately you’ll take action. Hammer them every day!
Report to title company, page 5 of CD if there is one. Seller’s package should have title info.

I never let companies get away with any ridiculous and trust me there’s been a few.

BBB link Prestige Notaries, Inc | Reviews | Better Business Bureau® Profile

CEO Jennifer Garland - Prestige Inc | LinkedIn

Secretary of state for WA business search
Corporations and Charities System…#/BusinessSearch/BusinessInformation


I’m so sorry this happened to you! I’ve had my fair share of unfair experiences. Definitely report them and try to go up the ladder and get your full fee as this is so wrong !

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New versions of pond scum being invented daily by the new age of notary contractors. I boycott the bad guys.

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Joel, they made big mistake. And you know it was only a purchase before you printed the docs, why didn’t you question it with the signing company, they may of forget to give you the sale docs by mistake?

Buy $115 for a purchase is good money, $125 is better. $150 for both is not.

Good luck Joel.

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And to add insult to injury, you won’t be paid for eight months if at all. Two of us are waiting for signings we did for them in June last year!

What are these companies doing? They must take the fees from the latest signings to pay the debt from half a year ago, that is if they pay.

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I would notify them that you are filing a complaint with the Attorney General with the state and ask the AG to investigate the fraudulent business practices. Watch the reaction! They will send you the correct fee in a New York minute.

The fee of $150 was based on a Purchase AND Sale. Since you didn’t do both, they adjusted the fee. The revised fee should have been made clear BEFORE the signing took place. Then again, we can’t expect a full fee if we haven’t performed the full assignment. Maybe next time, if there’s a change in the assignment, ask before you complete the signing.

So they paid $115 instead of $150. What are you going to do…sue them for the $35 difference? Of course not, and they know it. You won’t work for them anymore? They don’t care…there are plenty more where you came from. The bottom line is that you’re pretty much at the mercy of these signing companies. Most of them are (relatively speaking), honest and legit. Some aren’t and will try to take advantage of you at every turn. Over time, you will learn which ones to avoid.

You made the point of my post exactly! Thank you. We need to let everyone when we get taken advantage of by signing services, so others also don’t get the same treatment. Individually we don’t have much influence on their bad behavior but together we help the good ones succeed and the other ones to move on when we refuse their offers.

That is so discouraging. Boy, I tell ya!

When I tell them I’m reporting them to the BBB and Attorney General, that gets their attention.