Printer Recommendation

I am planning to purchase a Brother 5200DWT or a 6200DWT and order the toner from inkjetsuperstore. 1. Which printer do you recommend? 2. Have you had any problems using generic toner?

I have the 6200 dual tray etc etc. I have zero issues with the unit. Normal replacement on wear and tear so far.
As much as we all would like to save money by using generic toner I will not buy anything other than Brother approved toner. Find your best deal on the super high yield TN-880 toner cartridge from Brother (I’ve used Amazon) and you will be good to go.


Due to the volume of printing I do. I have two brother HL-L6200DW dual tray. I also have a third, HP printer if I need it. I have them going at the same time, fast and saving time! I do 5-6 signings a day, 6 days a week. Although, that may change because I just sent them my new fee schedule! I’ll know next week if they will send more signings or less. :crossed_fingers:t3::thinking:
Do not use after market toner cartridges! You will feel the pain very soon if you do! Been there, done that! It was hell! Save yourself now! :joy:. Only use Brother TN880 toner Cartridges, page yield 12,000 per!


You are a slayer! Are you using PC or Mac to print docs and whichever you’re using, does the program automatically alternate letter and legal? Most of my current work is directly from local title companies which have printed documents ready to go. When I have to print I have to take more time to alternate printing letter and legal. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

I use PC Windows 7 with two 27” flat screen monitors and the brother print driver natively provides options to automatically select between tray one, tray two or the manual paper tray (MPT).

Let me guess, you’re working with Paramount Title?

Thank you!! Now just to build up that kind of volume!

Please research the HP Laser Jet 400 M401dw dual tray. I use this printer and it seems do the job very well. With regards to using a generic toner, I would not recommend it as it may make your life miserable especially when it will scatters ink inside the printer. It may not be all but it happen to me before. Otherwise, it is your option and choose wisely.

I have two of the HL-L5200-DW and I am very happy with them, other than the issue with printing dual sizes in one run because I have a MacBook. I have the instructions to try to fix that issue but just haven’t done it yet and I print each size page from a separate file and it works fine. I do about 50-60 closings a month and the printers print beautifully with off brand toner. I mostly use Linkyo but I have used other brands as well when they are good price. I have also been using the Linkyo replacement drums with no issues. Good luck!

I run 2 Brother printers. MFC-L3750cdw and MFC-L3770cdw. I like having printers that use the same same toner and replacement parts, but will be adding a dual tray printer when I make up my mind which one to buy. I buy after-market toner from Arthur Imaging. I get 5 cartridges (2 black plus the 3 colors) for $98.95. Similar pricing for just black. I have found them to be extremely reliable. Every once in a while my printer doesn’t recognize the new cartridge so I do a reset on it (a simple procedure). The first couple times I blamed the cartridge and returned it. Arthur imaging sent me the replacements as soon as I contacted them (no questions asked) and I received replacements in 1-2 days before they even got my return. Buying direct from them is better than through Amazon.

My fuser on the older of the two printers finally quit after hundreds of thousands of pages and 6-8 weeks of a warning message. I found a new fuser on eBay for $139, installed it myself (thanks to YouTube) and my printer is great again. I keep replacement parts for anything that might quit on the printers.

I use page separator software and often run letter size on one printer and legal on the other. I send in docs without re-sorting the legal and letter pages and have never had a complaint, but would prefer a dual-tray (or 2 dual-tray printers). I think that there could be some risk of mixing pages from different sets of docs doing it this way, especially if printing 5-6 sets in a day. That hasn’t happened yet but I’m very careful.

The scanners with these printers don’t always communicate well with my computer so it can be slow and cumbersome if I try to hurry the process. What should take 15 minutes can take an hour, especially if i am impatient. I haven’t decided which scanner I want, but will probably end up with 2; one that is fast and feeder-only and one with both feeder and flatbed.

I am partial to Brother now because I have some understanding about them and can overcome problems quickly…at least so far.

Hello VIPNotary,

If you don’t mind, can you please tell me what scanner do you use?

Please help I have the same printer but having problems setting my computer to print mix documents will you please share the instruction with me. Thank you

Why Would you not just get a Lexmark 810DN? it does 55ppm I have 2 of them and It is fast also I spend way less on toner

if you use Adobe PDF reader Page Separator is included in it

Does anyone use the HP m404? I have one, but I am having issues getting it to print both legal and letter at the same time. When I print to it from my phone it does it beautifully, but when I am printing from my computer, it doesn’t seem to work. I have researched this and corrected some of the settings but to no avail. Let me know…

Newbie and confused about printers.
I haven’t had an assignment yet, but getting all my ducks in row.
Currently, I have an Officejet printer, the newest one from HP.
I have a side gig of paper crafting and the HP Officejet printers are great for this.
It also prints both legal and letter, with no problems.
So, do I absolutely need a laser printer?

Yes! Laser only, requested by lenders or their signing services. Laser does not bleed like ink jet, plus is more cost effective. When you apply to be enrolled for assignments one of the questions is “what kind of printer do you have”?

Anyone get back to you on this?..I was about to purchase the HPm404 and the more I read the more confused I am. As a newbie, wish there was a NNA/NSA recommended package of suggested printer/scanner/computer to get definitive advice

Yes. I called HP customer support and they helped me fix the issue. I’m all set now. It is a get printer! Fast and reliable too!

I have HP 407. I love it. I use the scanner on it and quite happy with that as well. I will be looking for a great scanner to carry in my car though.