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So I did a signing for a company last Thursday. The order form just told me to get a photocopy if their driver license to send with the docs ok no big deal did that. So I get a email from title saying they need two forms. So they had be call the client client doesn’t have passport etc. client then tells me that title is blaming me and that the client needs to yell at? How would you handle this? I looked at the order and again clearly states sends drivers license

Well, point out to Title that their Order said ‘get copy of DL’–which you did. If they want 2 forms of ID, they needed to say that. Now, the only person they can get 2nd ID from is person who has it–the signer.

And just get used to being blamed when someone else has screwed up. Be polite in explaining their error and suggesting they contact signer direct OR you’d be willing to go back & obtain same…for a fee.

Thank you so much you gave me a bout of confidence. I take what I do seriously and love what I do. I appreciate your advice so much

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Always check your instructions as well as the order. Do instructions from title state they require 2 forms of ID? That may not be stated on the order.

If instructions are not included, or if they do not reference a requirement for 2 forms of ID, I would (politely) offer to scan a copy of the order and any attached instructions to the person at the title company who was demanding that I to do additional work on my own time. Then I would (politely) apologize that (my telepathic ability had apparently been on the fritz while dealing with his/her signing) the lack of a second form of ID had caused difficulty and inform him/her that an additional trip to collect another form of ID would cost $35. (Assuming I could fit it into my schedule.) While they spluttered, I would request that they transfer my call to their supervisor.

That said, before you do anything like the above, you had better be darned good and sure that neither the order NOR the instructions mention anything about a second piece of ID.


Did the Identification Verification / Patriot Act form in the lenders documents state that 2 forms of ID were required? I often see that orders from signing companies and title companies only require one form of ID but sometimes that document in the lenders package will require TWO. Some lenders are sticklers about it, some are not, but definitely check that lender form to see what the requirements were before you go back to your client.


Just forward the instruction you received directly to the title company. As long as you completed the patriot act for with 2 ID your good. Usually title will accent a AAA card, Costco Card, Company ID as 2nd photo ID.

  1. To resolve this, find out want title wants as 2nd ID and can you email a copy to them directly?
  2. Call the client and have them text a copy of that 2nd ID.
  3. Once received, forward photos from text to email, then email them to Title.

Solve the problem, don’t fight them. Remember, you want future business.

Bill (15 years notary (FASS White glove, Fidelity approved, and 60 other companies)

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This kind of thing happens - the blame usually goes on the notary…it’s easier for them to do that. Unless it had a Patriot ID form (which usually, not always, requires 2 IDs), you’re not to blame. Always apologize, do what is required, and move on.

You always refer back to your instructions - stick to your rights as you can only do as instructed if you were assigned through a signing service advise them of the situation

Excellent response, and I ALWAYS get a 2nd ID. You can never have too many forms of ID.

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