Bad/Difficult Title Companies

I wonder how other people handle difficult title companies. Recently I had one that sent me a < 150 doc that had: multiple copies of the same doc in three different locations that had nothing to do with any doc they were near and each had to be notarized, several other ‘duplicated’ docs too. They added an extra page for an acknowledgement that I ignored because it wasn’t associated with any doc and I wasn’t about to leave an ‘extra’. 3 docs had to be filled in and they were more than just a few boxes to be ticked and two were duplicate, the signer wasn’t happy. They even screwed up the print label and I had to print it twice and paste together a working label. Then they wanted me to reorder the docs (or else a $25 reduction in fee) and I found even more duplications.

Gaaaa… would you please name this TC so I can make a note to never accept a signing from them?

American Coast Title

I HAD A SIGNING CO SEND ME A QUIT CLAIM DEED W TWO New York Stae forms one to be legal size
i got the package last minute …this was a 6 pm signing 10 minutes from home but i got hired at 5;50pm
printed the docs found them to be letter size format.
i use adobe so whatever is in the package gets printed according to its size
this printed completely letter size
I called the signing co told them
then went to sign as i was told
scan back to them last night
4 pm today a team member writes me to say the NY state form isnt correct.
earlier in the day I called to speak with the scheduling agent from last night , she wasnt in so another woman talked to me.
I told her what happened and if they can send me a proper formated form ,i would print it and go to the client
" oh ,we’ll let you know
4 pm they matter of factly write me on snap-docs about the form being misprinted
when i tried to tell them i had reported it already and to send me a new form because u made a mistake in the package u did send
I was told it was my printer and i was wrong well we argued and they said they wouldnt use me again.
I uploaded their docs back on snap docs but im sure the drones will cover their tales and it gets squashed
I told them I expect payment well see. I saved the documents …even trying to reprint …no good .I scan back as a rule to legal size ,this nitwit says he’s looking at it on legal paper and its my fault.I asked him do you see the blank space on the bottom of the page as well as the other 10 pages??
it was formatted incorrectly by you guys he didn’t get that or refused to accept the blame .I told him no charge to get it signed if you send me a proper format to print …he wouldn’t do that
so now the idiot will pay another notary to go sign one form…or not but they cant file the deed w/o this NY State form

Open file in acrobat and you can verify what size each page is File -> properties, that will provide proof that it isn’t your printer.

Sounds like a poorly constructed package. That said, be aware that what we see as duplicates are probably a lender requirement.

Loan documentation goes through many different departments, and internal audit requirements widely differ. For instance: Accounting may need an original note, Compliance certainly will, etc.

This company may be using a secondary source of funding, such as a larger bank, Freddie Mac, or a venture capital firm. In that instance, multiple signed originals would be required of the note, ID verification, and whatever other docs each company involved in funding needed to satisfy their own internal audit procedures.

Multiple copies of the same docs are generally not included to simple frustrate the NSA.


I work with a few title companies that want documents printed on all legal even if documents are sent mixed. You can change your printer setting to print on all legal.

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I’d ask for more printing money, legal size paper is unreasonably priced for it’s size… but we have no choice.