Question about Timios, Inc

I have a question…I have completed 3 signings with Timios…no complaints. However, my most recent signing, when attempting to log in and complete my status, I was not able to. I thought it was a connection on my end and did all of the troubleshooting. I then tried to call my point of contact and left a message, with Timios. About a week ago I received an email that their server was down. Is anyone else in this same situation with Timios? Because of the length of time it has been down (the Website) I am getting a feeling they are gone. Thank you for any feedback you may have :slight_smile:

I just did a signing for them last week and everything was good

Thank you for the quick response I will see what is going on with my login with their site. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

try not That fixed my problem.

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Thank you for the response, I was able to get logged back in!

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Perfect. I had the same trouble. They changed their web login.

I completed a signing with them Friday. I initially had a problem signing into the platform. I don’t know what caused the issue. I also have a signing with them this afternoon.

I know….me neither☹️ But I am glad I can get back in and Kelly’s advice for using is the only way I can gain access now. Thank you for responding🙂 Hope all goes well this afternoon….have a good rest of the day.

It looks like they’ve been hacked.No way your sites down that long. Then again why not put a temp site up on another server or cloud, weird.