Reading of documents

What do you say to a client that want to read the entire refinance package and do you let client know ahead of time how many hours or mins is allotted to them for signing?
I have a client that say she have to read the package first, after an hour an a half we look at only one document, I then had to leave and go back. What is the best way to handle this?

First of all never wait an hour and a half - if she told you up front she’s reading everything:

1 Remind her of her 3 day right to cancel;
2. Let her know you have a following appointment at xx time.
3. Contact hiring party, explain what’s going on and get permission to leave a copy of the package with her to review; let them know you’ll come back that day to retrieve and either get signed or not
4. Contact LO and let him know his client is a problem
5. Demand you get paid full fee for this fiasco AND a secondary fee if you have to go back

No way would I sit for 90 minutes waiting for someone to read something. The LO or title should have had this mess cleared up before you got there.


I had a signer ask me today if anyone had ever done that to me, thankfully my answer to that was no, but now I know how to handle it if it ever happens to me.