Recommended notary fees

Dear Notaries,

Now especially during corona, do you still want to take a $75 fee only to risk getting sick?
Read below.

For the past year or so, I made a vow to myself. Never take up low fees , reject those especially from the signing services and ask to be removed from them.
After that I raised my fees and am pleased to see that I make a few 1000’s a month that was same loan closings. Below are my recommended fees

Max Payment terms 15 days. NOT 30 / 45 days. I tell them upfront and ask for email confirmation of terms and price.
Maximum Travelling radius: 60 mins one way.

$150 Period , upto 2 signers.
Refi: $250 to $275 ( for two signers) Add $50 more per 3rd , 4th signer
Purchases: $375 ( Paid on spot upon disbursement) or upon settlement ( Usually 3-5 days check arrives)
Commercial: Refi $400 minimum
Commercial Purchase : Half Day of $450 for upto 1/2 day ,
Commercial Purchase : Full Day ( even if it spans two hours on each side of lunch break) $900

So, I got myself removed from Signature , and many of these agencies. and I do direct title only.
You have to stop refusing low prices , especially from middlemen agencies, whose owner you don’t know and cannot find the responsible person should payment not happen.


I am very interested in knowing which companies do this.


At those prices you must be going hungry? How do you live on $3000 per month.
Come up the the $8000. range, then you speaking my language.

Good luck on your quest.


How do you get direct access to the title company? I’ve emailed, called, left business cards. Please advise.

Thank You


I agree. We are out there risking our lives and not getting paid a fair wage. And I am tired of waiting 30 to 45 days to get paid. Why are they holding the money.? What did you do to get your fees increase?

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What state and city are you in

This is not the only source of my job profile, But if you are making $8000 full time as a notary, share some strategy. How many signings you do a day and what is the average per day.

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I just kicked the lowballers in where you guessed it right. Ignored and shut them out. Work with title only directy . Get paid upon settlement ( same day on purchases or next day ) , 5 days in refinances.

Like you , many have left their contact and data. They have a rolodex ( or what ever ) of notaries. Use the ones they use, and until that notary is no longer available , they search for a new one. When you get that phone call, pick up the phone, when you get that email, RESPOND RIGHT AWAY.
You Snooze , You lose

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I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and no luck on getting hired on through a title company or escrow company, I’m emailing, dropping off business cards, calling, and everyone tells me the same thing, they go through 3rd party like Signature, XOME. But i still have hope, I’m in California. Hopefully one day a title company or escrow company hires me direct.

CA has saturated notary market. You have to wait till the older established notaries retire and move up the line or have some other contact / personal relationship.
See if you have friends who know them.

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Hi, I’ve heard what you have said. Would you like to brainstorm some ideas? I’m a notary in WA.

Hello ,
I like your post !!! I am new to loan signing and I am looking forward to being my own boss … I like working and helping others. I live in Jacksonville Florida and I feel the area is not wide open for loan signing agents. I have taken the LSS course , Snap Doc Cert, and that’s just to name a few, the work is not coming not even on a part time basis. I work full time on a job that makes me feel as if I’m moving backwards in slow motion … I am greatful to be workin with all we have going on but, it is not my dream JOB … I am 50ish which I feel is the new 38 … lol … So, I am going to take it slow … set some goals, time lines and pray that it all comes together. I’m sure it took time to reach the 8k salary that is a remarkable acheivement and I look forward to seeing you on that side… lol…Please share some tips with a newbie … Thanks

Hello, how many signings are you doing per day? How do you go drectly to the title company?

The prices you posted, no title company around my area will pay that unless it is last minute or can’t find anyone. I am commissioned in California. I do this part time also, but I wont go less than $125 in my zipcode for a basic refi with 2 signers. I can make alot of money just within 5 miles of my home. No sense going out of town during this busy time.

I do get frustrated about payments. The ones that pay more than 30 days, I just drop them.


Verdell I can’t believe what I’m seeing…I know Jacksonville Florida is in Duval county, but omg the amount of building that is taking place there and in Duval and St. Johns county is crazy. There are huge subdivisions being built everywhere even along I95, so much to the point I was considering trying to get in the the housing boom there.

Listen people, stop with the email only approach and stop with the I’ll mail them something because it does not work! This industry is about face-to-face interactions, and if you’re trying to get direct business from a title company it will also require face-to-face interaction.

Signing agencies exist because signing agents are afraid of hearing No/No Thank You/or whatever rejection phrase they might provide.

I have probably posted some version of this 3 or 4 times in the last few days and it’s absolutely the truth so I’ll post it again.

There’s no magic phrase or line the you need to recite in order to earn a title companies business. You don’t have to give a super marketing packet to impress them. They are people, introduce yourself have a conversation and make it happen.

Here’s exactly what I have in my hi I’m David Packet.

I GIVE them my Business Card,
I SHOW them a color copy of my Notary Certificate, my E&O Coverage, my Current Background Check that’s it. Honestly, that’s all I show them. I complement them on having a successful business and tell them I can help make thing be more efficient because no one has to stop what they’re doing tin order to perform a closing. Here’s another thing, no one has ever asked me how many signing have I completed, Ever. Here’s what they have told me, we never have mobile notaries come in, that why we have used signing agencies in the past, we’d prefer to work with some one who’s local. I work directly with 5 title companies in my area, and they give me all the business I can handle by myself. Another thing, ask for exactly what you want to earn. $150, $200, $250 or $300 for a signing. Title company will pay it, that why there are so many signing agencies.

Here’s what’s important to them-

You have a nice friendly smile and give a positive vibe. Why? Because you’ll be meeting their clients and you’ll be a direct reflection of their organization.
You’re comfortable with talking with people and going through the loan packet. You don’t have to bore someone or try to impress them by going through all 120-170 pages. It will cost you too much time and cause them ( the Title company ) to think you’re not capable of handling back to back signing because you take to long to get through the package.
Your seem eager to help. Go above and beyond, make copies if allowed, wipe down the sitting area both before and after, throw away pens after the signing ect.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just being Nice, being Professional and being Knowledgeable.

#YouHaveNothingToLose #StopBeingAfraidToHearTheWordNo


@notary_narayan I agree the direct business is the only way signing agents are going to see the results they truly desire. I only use signing agencies as fillers from the 5 title companies I work with weekly.

Some title companies are busier than others but I’m always inside the title companies working, to the point that they often offer me employment with them, but they can’t afford me as an employee. You lose flexibility of scheduled, time off and after working for yourself for so long… it’s simply not an interest or a appealing option for me.

I tell you, it’s the fear of hearing a title company say No to them is the reason signing agents are held in signing agency jail and under their control.

Step out on faith, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You can look at the docs and see that signing agency are getting $200, $300 and $650.00 for notary fees and will turn around and offer you $90.00. It’s because they decided to face their fear and talk directly to the title company.

Sorry if it seemed as if I were ranting, it kills me to see others not take the chance needed to make what they really desire. If you are told No, big deal…they didn’t tell you Never, so come back in 3 weeks and try it again. Be Persistent, be Consistent and most importantly be Prepared.


TreasureCoast ,

You are correct, the subdivisions are going up like crazy. Jax has so much land and the trees are coming down daily. I live in njax near the airport and we have Yulee , St Johns County, Nocatee and Fernadina Beach areas all less than 30 min away from me all up and down I95 and 295 and St Augustine building up fast. I am going to connect with some realtors in the area and contact all the signing services in my area and see what happens…
Thanks for the feedback !!! I needed that.

That’s more like it, I need you to make a list of the title companies in your targeted working area.

Better yet, google the top 20 title companies in your area and make a list. The list information should include the title companies Name, Address, Phone number and write down it’s website if any. (Just so you know, the website of the title company is your friend) Most times it will show the the names, faces and titles of the people whom you wish to meet. #EscrowOfficer #OfficerManager #Owner. Once you have your list with this information, you need to target all of them for a visit. You’re going to have to go and meet them face-to-face (with your mask on…lol) and seal the deal.

Again, be Honest, be Confident, don’t over sell yourself or your abilities and don’t go in trying to impress them by saying I have closed 283 trillion,738 billion,547 million,314 thousand,901 loans this year… :rofl:

In all seriousness, I love seeing others succeed in our industry and if I can help you in someway, let’s go for it. I just can’t want to you succeed more than you desire to succeed.