Recourse for Non-Payment

I have been calling and emailing a Signing Service for months regarding non-payment on a signing I did in January.
I kept getting the run-around, excuses, and promises of payment.
I wrote a short email after another “Payments usually go out on the 15th” response which stated, "If I don’t receive payment in a week I will contact the Attorney General.
Guess what, I received an e-check within the hour.
Just letting everyone know that you do have this recourse.
Good Luck~

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It’s disgusting that they attempted not to pay! And then finally decided to pay you after 6 months later after a threat to contact the attorney general’s office? :rage:Sick. This kind of thing makes me ill. What is the name of the company? You should have charged them interest! Ugh.

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Send letter to lender, cc title & ss, demand payment are else you will contact signer for payment. They will probably
never use you again, but then again they aren’t paying you so what will you loose.

It is not recommended that you contact the signer for payment. Your fee was paid through escrow. But threatening to contact the Attorney General was good. You can also threaten to contact the title company. Just be prepared to follow through with your threat if you don’t receive payment.

I have 3 unpaid for from…Fidelity Title Company! I have contacted everyone I can find. I’ve gotten no where. It is the local offices fault. 3 different occasions, different months, the processor neglected to cut a check for the closer. I received excuses every time. I was told by the manager that this has happened to other closers as well and not to worry. I did A LOT of work for them and picked up checks only every so often. I was busy, they were busy and I never had a doubt in my mind they would not have a check or not make good. But, there you have it. I think I logged $4000.00 on them last year. I am so bothered they have just blown me off so even with as much business as I have done for them… I won’t work for them anymore. They can keep their money and stick it. It will cost me more to go after it and they know it and don’t seem to care. I get enough business from others not to care about losing an account like that. Of all the companies I have, I did not expect even for a minute they would treat one of their closers like that.

I have yet to do my first ‘non-private’ signing.
However, it is important to know who owns the companies with which we associate, the same way they do background checks on our person. So, perhaps it’s prudent of us to do the same . There is a maximum of law that states: one ought to know with whom they deal (or something to that effect)
On my record if a company fails at compensation, after 30, 60, 90, 120 days on accounts receivable this constitutes as a viable bad-debt and I would consider that ‘Theft of Services’, coupled with a bad rap from others who have yet to receive payment could be an ‘Intention to Defraud.’

It may be an embezzlement issue.

Look at sites like 123 Notary. I use a site on FB too that lists the companies that do not pay.

can anyone provide any contact information for these people? Unfortunately, I’m one too waiting for payments that never arrive. I think feb and march is long enough to wait.
If anyone has contact info, can you please send it to me at thanks a bunch.