Removing shoes at signer's home

Arriving at a signer’s home, I was asked to remove my shoes. Not a problem - I always wear socks and loafers for pretty much just this reason. Following signer toward the dining room table, I stepped squarely onto a sliver of glass. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Fished the thing out, accepted a pad of gauze and many apologies from signer, completed signing, double checked docs. Limped out on the heel of my punctured foot to keep my bloody sock off the pale carpet, headed back to the office. Once there, I did my final check on the docs, slid them into a FedEx envelope and sealed it (so no blood would end up on the docs) before kicking off my shoe and taking a good look at my foot. Quick trip to the Urgent Care center and three stitches!

We NSAs should have an award available for injuries received during the fulfillment of our duties. The Purple Pen?


So sorry to hear this Judi! Hope you heal quickly and without incident.

Might want to consider getting some paper booties for just those instances for the future - slip them over your shoes and protect your feet!

Heal well and take care


So sorry to hear this, Judi. Hope you heal quickly.

The bootie idea is excellent, Linda. A broker friend gave me some, and I now carry a pair in the front pouch of my bag.

Now, the Purple Pen? Perhaps the Crimson Stamp? An award for meritorious service involving bodily harm, to be presented at the yearly NNA conference… The Golden Journal?


You may have a claim on the homeowner’s insurance to cover your medical costs.


Oh no!! That is why I do not meet clients at their home. I always meet at a public place. I feel its safer for myself as well as the client. Heal and be well.

Thank you, all! Foot is healed. I appreciate the kind comments. We really are a nice bunch of people!

I wasn’t injured by my experience after removing my shoes for a signing but I ended up with a thoroughly soaked sock after stepping onto a very wet spot on the client’s carpeting left by their pet. It was a long drive home I assure you lol. I didn’t say anything, I was too shocked and I didn’t want to embarass them as they were a really nice couple.

Oh, yuck! You have my sympathy. Linda’s advice about paper booties has proved to be excellent. I tried some a friend gave and liked them, so I got a box of surgical booties at a hospital supply store online. They can be reused several times. I put a fresh pair in my bag every Monday. Thanks, Linda!

Do you request this at the time you accept the assigment? 99% of my closings are in the signer’s home. It is scheduled this way by title or the company that contracts me. I feel like if I requested another place I will lose business. Signers seem to really like someone coming to their home.

Most signers do seem to like their home. However, some folks work all day and have no time to “straighten up” for a stranger. In a confirmation call, I confirm the location. Then I ask, “And is that where you prefer to meet?” Most of the time, the answer is an immediate “yes”. About 1 out of every 10 times, I get a “Oh, would it be okay to meet at …” a neighborhood Starbucks, or library, or restaurant, or workplace, or Mom’s house, etc. The signers may be scrambling to make the appointment time, and having the option to meet elsewhere can be a huge relief to them.


I don’t know about an award, but I do know that the borrower’s homeowners insurance will pay for your expenses associated with the injury if you submit a claim. The homeowner won’t have to pay out of pocket. Having someone injured on your property is one of the reasons we have homeowners insurance, so file a claim and get your money back for the ER visit.

Ha Ha - Well, you never know! I went to a signing, I was told to park in the driveway, get to the door, asked to remove my shoes - I was wearing boots and getting those boots off from a standing position, while I’m holding my pocketbook and notary bag, was a wobbly experience. We get to the table and the resident teenager comes over and says she needs to get out of the driveway, so I had to go out to move my truck - Kill me - I had to contort my body to get my boots on while in a standing position at the doorway, move the truck, come back and remove the boots. Now I go to signings in my bathrobe and slippers! (Kidding!) Sometimes when people come to my Farm office, as soon as I open the door someone starts removing their shoes — No, No, No! Not necessary here. Boomer will make off your shoes and take them to the woods and you will never find them again.


Another notary suggested carrying booties to cover my shoes rather than removing. Found them on Amazon - 100 for less than $10. Stuck a pair in each of my bags. Next day when asked to remove my shoes I politely declined, then pulled out the covers, easily slipped them on over my boots, and smiled at the startled (and satisfied) homeowner. Great idea! So much easier than wiggling in and out of boots!

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I had a signing two weeks ago, the homeowner offered me two shoe covers like those used in hospitals, I used them and after the signing I kept Them, now I will be using them every time when this issue comes up again!

Big fan of the paper shoe covers, $0.05-0.10/each on Amazon.

I keep them inside every notary kit I have.

I also keep antibacterial hand wipes, sanitizer gel and a couple of napkins/paper towels.


I keep the individual sanitizer wipes in my bag and hand sanitizer in the car. I use the wipes to clean my pens after each use.

After reading your post, it brought back memories of the past 15+ years in this business…I should write a book on closings.

  1. Animals…getting bit by a bird, dog, cat, hedgehog, etc.
  2. Children…nuff said
  3. Cooking dinner during the closing…the client could not sit down for 30ish minutes:confused:
  4. Ppl under the influence of whatever
  5. Pulling a weapon…yep it happened!
  6. Hoaders…they have to clear a small space on the table to sign the legal sized docs. Really?
  7. Feuding spouses in an all out battle & can you come back later?
  8. Screaming ppl…where is my check & I thought you were bringing it. Hello & you will receive your $$ after the RTC period is over.
  9. The borrower tells me…I am not providing my SSN#…duh & they already have your info.
  10. Closings “in the hood”.
  11. The client having issues from page 1 & the loan officer, title rep, etc. are not available.

To be continued…


No 11, gets me every single time! Then borrower says to me how much longer do I need to sign these docs, it’s taking a long time.
Well let me see… (I’m thinking this in my head), you were on the phone for 20 minutes to half an hour with your LO on the first page! Lol
Number 6, I just stand there and stare at the table for a few minutes and say, that is not going to be enough room for this… :flushed:


Maybe you should add #12… when borrowers decide not to sign for “whatever justified reason” :roll_eyes: especially when they were on the phone with their LO to explain something that at the end they just couldn’t assimilate :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:
Yep! That happened to me today… the borrower was the husband, the wife only in ALTA and other important documents, but they couldn’t get why she needed to be in the Mortgage… very simple! the mortgage should be attached to the ALTA in order for the wife in the Title. Short story short, the LO told them to get themselves another TC since I was the 3rd person going there and they never understood the why it’s necessary for the wife to appear in the mortgage, regardless she wasn’t Co-Borrower.
After spending 40 minutes on the phone arguing with the loan originator, everyone F* up everyone. The LO got fed up and the borrowers never got it :joy:
While I was packing and getting ready to leave they asked my opinion :upside_down_face: I told them I’m not supposed to, but hinted to go and see a mortgage closing lawyer.

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