RON best companies

Seeking opinion which are the best to work with for RON signings in IL?
BlueNotary, Clear Sign, DocVerify, eNotaryLog, Pavaso and SIGNiX.
Thank you


I have the same question! Except I am in NJ

I’m currently an Arizona notary thinking about going RON in September when my commission comes due. Are you both RON? And how do you like it?

I was a CA notary for years now in Chicago area and exploring getting commissioned in RON.

Not yet, i’m exploring the options which was the reason for my post.

If I’m not mistaken, IL has not implemented RON signings yet.

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I am in Michigan and have signed up with all of them. So far I haven’t had the chance to use any of them yet.

It would first depend on if the platform meets your state compliance standards. Then you would have to see which gives you the most for your money depending on what you’ll be using it for (GNW, loan signings, etc.). Every person has a different business plan. I spent weeks researching all the different platforms that were NY compliant. I still haven’t decided if I really want to jump in since RON just became official in NY in February. Good luck!

Pavaso and Clear Sign are not open platforms, meaning you have to be approved by the title company using them. SigniX is expensive in my opinion. I’ve heard that DocVerify is outdated and not the most user friendly.
Blue Notary is ok. It is a newer platform and isn’t without issues. They offer a free a free version where your client pays them and they pay you. The Pro Hybrid has more opens and offers the chance to get open calls. There are maybe 10 day and hundreds (or more) of notaries trying to get the open call. This platform works well if you are bringing your own customers as do all platforms that let you sign up as a notary.

Of course all of this information is subjective and based on many factors. Does your state have a list of approved vendors? What is your business plan? How are you going to bring customers to the platform? From my personal research, none of the platforms that offer you clients has enough volume or if they do, you are competing with many others.

Also, in my personal experience, it can be difficult to convert general mobile notary work into RON.

I haven’t signed up with any of them yet but have been looking into it for about two years now, haven’t done so due to all of them so far have been not worth the investment.
However BlueNotary has been one im most interested i going with and plan to get further with them when my renewed commission goes into effect.

I’m also in Michigan and have done 0 ron signings