RON is here to stay!

@lydia_notarysa As stated by @LindaH-FL it’s been discussed thoroughly on multiple threads within the Notary Cafe forums.

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Per Amrock Partner Management" for now they are only using notaries in the state of the closing to conduct the closing." Key words, “for now”. They are not onboarding anymore notaries for Florida at this time. Who knows what the future holds…

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Thank God for that because I don’t want to mess with other states since I don’t know anything about their laws.

You wouldn’t need to - you would still be held to following your CO notary laws; the only concerns you would have would be witness requirements for the particular state - which is no different than a traditional paper transaction. When you get a traditional loan signing for an out-of-state property, you simply contact your hiring party to clarify any particular quirky requirements, including witnesses. Your notarial duties, whether traditional or RON, remain the same - follow your state’s laws.

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I just did a webinar about RONs with a title company and they are doing them all in house with their own employees. No Mobile notaries for those because they aren’t needed now. They have to be SWAMPED to hire outside now. This was her statement. I haven’t received one notification from this particular title and escrow this entire year and I was receiving many last year.

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This doesn’t surprise me at all.

I live in north central Florida in cow/horse country - technology is just creeping up to us - we call our town our “Little Mayberry” - and I found out that the local title companies in the city nearest to us (Lake City) have gone to fully online closings. Now if my area has it, it’s not unbelievable that everyone or most everyone is going that route.

I just renewed my commission for another 4 years but am going to concentrate on GNW - will get back into marketing that.

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Thank you for thinking of me:) I am only referring to RON laws for other states that I know nothing about or care to know. I only want to focus on my state. I’ve been doing regular loan closing for all 50 states no problem. RON is a different animal for each state. It is more complicated than what people think. I am glad Amrock/Rocket only allowed their loans to be notarized by notaries in that same state where the properties sit which is a wise decision.

RON is so new to everyone and I think they are still tweaking it.

IMO, RON law is quite vague here in the state of Colorado.

Q19. Can I perform a remote notarization for someone who is physically located outside Colorado?

A19. Yes, you may perform a remote notarization for a remotely located individual who is physically outside the state of Colorado as long as you are located within the borders of Colorado.

However, if the remotely located individual is outside the United States, then both the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • You (the notary public) must not have actual knowledge that the notarial act is prohibited in the jurisdiction where the remotely located individual is physically located at the time of the act, and
  • The electronic documents must relate to at least one of the following:
    • A matter that will be filed with or is currently before a court, governmental entity, or other entity in the United States
    • Property located in the United States
    • A transaction substantially connected to the United States

Are you receiving requests from companies other than Amrock. If so, which ones? I know TCX does them, but only pays $40.

I only signed up with 4 companies but thus far 100% RON from Amrock right now. $65 per RON. Not sure if I can handle others anyway so I don’t think I will add anymore company. It is best to get the biggest company to bring you onboard, give them 100% perfect closing and if they are smart they will make you their preferred agent. TCX $40 RON will not work for me.

most of the time when I receive a request from Amrock, it is gone as soon as I receive it and am able to accept it. I have often wondered if an Apple phone would work better than an Android. Which do you have?

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I have an iPhone. What state are you at?

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Colorado that’s where you are based. I like Colorado.

I moved to Jackson hole Wyoming

Wow, I am so glad to hear this. I was thinking it was my My signings App that needed to be updated. I a, looking forward to that familiar ding a ling in my area

How much do they pay per signing?

What platform does Amrock use?

Yes RON is here to stay with signings average $40.00 to $60.00 you are going to do them in the comfort of your home, it is up to you, No thank you!
I rather do the traditional signings at borrowers homes if we can get some due to competition among the pack of notaries trying to get them.
Doing RON signings at home surrounded with family and pets for max $60.00’sh is not for me,in that case I rather get me an office job 9-5 with full BENEFITS, away from home.

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They allowed me to sign up for RON with them and I am in Florida. Maybe you already have to have been a regular notary with them?

It makes sense to me. You must be within the borders of your state to do a RON with someone who can be outside the state. However, if they are outside the US, you can still do it, so long as 1-you don’t have actual knowledge that the country where they are located doesn’t have rules prohibiting notarial acts, and 2-the property must be located within the US.

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