RON is here to stay!

Wow, Amrock is busy! Lots of closings are RON now! I love RON. RON is here to stay! I am starting to see NSAs, SSs, are coming up with their own RON platforms and charging notaries monthly fees or annual fees in order to do RON on their platforms? No thanks, sorry I do not believe in paying monthly fees or any other fees to do RON on their platforms.
Crazy busy that I turned away 9 RON closings that came in just today alone! I’m booked for May. :+1::+1::+1: wow! Good luck to all!


Call Amrock and tell them to let me in! Lol


Wow, they are doing it! I just turned away another one just now. Ok, now 10 RON closings I unfortunately can’t take and the day is not even over yet! Good to see they are busy. Email me your name, I can’t guarantee success but I will try if I can help?


I have my online commission and would love to learn more. How do I get in contact with you?

Can you suggest any other companies? Amrock doesn’t cover RON in Florida at this time.

(CA) Yeah, yeah, yeah. And California (which used to lead the nation in everything) can’t even get off their dumb a***es and get RON approved. We’re dyin’ out here with gas prices nearing $7.00 a gallon (wait til 4th of July). I filled up my car with 14 gallons of premium yesterday and it cost me $94!!

Took my wife to lunch last week at the local golf course grille and we each had a sandwich and iced tea. $74 including tip. Food was good, service was fine, but $74 for lunch?** On the way home, we bought a whole chicken for dinner(s) this week - $30!

RON can’t come soon enough but then there won’t be any real estate signings to do, you wait and see :anguished:.


Yep, my husband and I went to dinner at a simple Thai restaurant, we ordered a couple chicken entrées with two ice tea and water. Price $75 plus tip. The owner came out to chat with us. He said it is so expensive to do business now. He said he used to pay $49 for a case of chicken, now is is paying $150 per case! Wow!!!:scream:

I don’t know but my husband and I were talking about not going out to eat for a while! I’m sure we’re not the only one who are thinking that route. Think we’ll see more restaurants starting to go away slowly soon? Yikes. Oh by the way, I just turned away 2 more RON closings for next week closing that I can’t take while typing this message. Dang. Dang…Not bad…not bad… wow Amrock. I love it even though I can’t take anymore for the month of May! Someone in Colorado is Lucky….


Wow, this is amazing I just turned away now a 3 RON! :joy: Wow … yep, RON is here to stay, so be ready!


RON is definitely here to stay… I’ve noticed if they can’t find someone to drive out to a signing they end up converting it to RON.

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If it’s any consolation, at least you’re not in Georgia!! Not only do we not have RON, our notary fee is still $2!!! Yes, I said $2. Soooo…, if you need something to be thankful for it’s that you’re not working in Georgia. :joy::joy:


Ok, new update. Now, 7 RON closings that I turned down as of 9:15pm. :cry:

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Can you share how much you are making a day with RON?

Not enough!!! Remember RON is pretty new.

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I’m considering RON. Can you give a price range of how much you make?

I have been handling RON closings here in FL since June 2021 when they first started. The challenge in our state where we are saturated with notaries public is nabbing them on the app. I can have my phone in my hand and respond immediately and miss out four or five times in one day yet also respond and get it. I never know what to expect and take what I can get. VIPnotary, are you in a saturated area and do you get the signing offers by phone or over the app. Just curious. I agree with you on not paying fees for the platforms. It has slowed down this past week here.

If you search these forums for “RON” you’ll find some threads where people have posted what various companies are paying notaries for the work. I know it’s been discussed many times here.

Amrock has been covering Florida since mid year 2021. I have been handling them since June, 2021 for them.

Thing with RON is you don’t need to be “covering Florida” to do it - you can do signings anywhere in the country via RON - you can do a signing in any non-attorney state via RON. It’s going to be a case of lower fees and volume…just like traditional signings. Eventually, Amrock is going to realize they can save more money (more in their pocket) by training their own staff to get them done…

I’m going to guess if previous poster was told they’re not covering Florida, they probably told him they have enough notaries at the particular time they asked.

Don’t get too discouraged. I do at least 3 RON’s a week (12-15 per month) and in my experience, 1-2 get “flipped” meaning it ends up going to the table anyway (as its only as good as the users on both sides). This is why Hybrids are still the prominent request. The plus, you get paid for the RON request, and the trip that follows (if the issue isn’t on your end).

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Well, all I can say is wow, 6 more RON closings for Colorado notaries to take today! And more coming, the day is not over yet. I’m booked. Can’t take anymore for May. Sharpen your whack-a -mole skills!:grin: