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I know this might sound like a crazy question, but I’m going to ask still. Which RON platforms supply the clients?

I am following this topic as well

Notarycam , getnotarized, , notarize. … I think those are a few.

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I do RON closings. In my experience the RON platforms don’t provide clients, at least not for loan signing work (if that’s wrong, I’d be happy to find out which platforms do).

However, at least a couple of large signing services (The Closing Exchange, ServiceLink/EXOS) assign RON signings, once you have completed their brief training and orientation for RON closings. Both primarily use Nexsys Clear Sign, so if you know you want to do RON signings, you can expedite things by already being set up with Nexsys (that’s what I did).

The only costs involved are your digital certificate (around $60, available from Identrust) and your digital notary stamp (around $20, available from the NNA).

Also, I think many if not most States require you to be certified for electronic / RON notarizations by the state, which includes selecting from a list of approved platforms.

I believe both Notarize and Notarycam provide RON clients for general notary work in certain states. However, once you agree to work with them, I believe they assign you a shift where you have to sit by your computer, and then try to grab orders as they come in. And each assignment pays a lot less than a loan signing. I’m not interested in that kind of work, but if you are you can check and/or apply with them.

Finally, while I have gotten enough RON signings to more than pay for my investment in RON setup, I have not gotten that many RON signings, total. I think the RON volume varies a lot from state to state, and has a lot to do with how long that state has allowed RON, and how much it is utilized by title companies and lenders there. All the best!


I just started my RON setup through the closing exchange. I know since there is no travel or printing involved to expect lower fees but can you give a small example of pay for a RON refinance? Thank You

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Notarize is the largest platform providing customers to notaries. I have not checked lately but they only do this in four or five states. Check their website, they expect to add states and you can get on a call list so they can call you when your state gets approved. The main complaint I have heard from notaries is that there are way more notaries than jobs on notarize and you will have trouble keeping a full schedule since the jobs are hard to land. The best way is to do loan closings, 'you get a smaller fee than mobile work but it works out because your overhead is practically zero.

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Depends on the company you’re with. Amrock is flat $65 across the nation via Nexsys Clear Sign. I paid for my digital seal and digital certificate only. I’ve done 50 RON closings for them since signed up a few months ago. Pavaso said there are 50 other companies I can add to my business through their portal, I just need to sign up with those companies ASAP. Pavaso I’m already doing min. $75 to $228 max per signing.

I think the future of this business is RON and I plan on adding all the good companies I can to my book of business. I just want to work from home 100% no more driving all over hopefully by the end of 2022. :pray::joy:


Awesome! I agree with you ! I’ve purchased and received my seal and certificate thru the NNA. I will be signing up with Nexus this week. I do this part time but I believe Ron is going to be the way to go in the near future!

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Sure. Most RON closings with The Closing Exchange are $50. However, as with other signings, they raise the rate if they don’t find someone on the first pass. Also, there are sometimes technical glitches where you have to meet with the signers a second time, and they usually pay a partial fee for that, for just a few minutes work.

Also, RON closings are much shorter than traditional closings because only the docs that need to be notarized are included. Getting everyone signed in and online takes between 5 and 10 minutes, and the actual signing takes maybe 15 to 20 minutes.

And when you consider no printing, no gas, and sitting at home in front of your computer, a $50 RON can be more profitable than a $100 traditional signing that’s 30 minutes or more away, and which takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

My only complaint is that there aren’t more of them. I’m hoping to see an increase in 2022.


Thank You so much for you detailed response! I’m looking forward to finishing my setup!

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You’re very welcome!

So is Pasva worth the fees?

I don’t know I didn’t pay for it. Pavaso waived my fee:)

Lucky! How ? are you able to share the secret ha ha ? TIA :innocent:

Thank you. I didn’t know NNA offered seals and certificates.