RON platform Florida

What RON platform do you recommend in Florida?

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Something iv been researching for awhile now…
Florida doesn’t seam to have the RON law clearly figured out yet, so makes choosing a decent platform difficult.

Florida has the law figured out and has had for over 2 years now - and they list some of the approved companies on their site - I know Signix is one, Notarize is one, and there are several others.

DocVerify is included also I believe. I would suggest you research the various companies (VIPnotaryCO posted links to 5 companies that provide the service here sometime back) - check out that post and if you find a company that fits your needs, check with the SOS to verify it’s approved.

P.S. Here you go - she put a lot of work into this research:

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I know RON has been legal for two years now but I disagree that they have it figured out completely, still new to the state and obviously they have already made a revision to it at the beginning of this year.
Yes I have researched all the platforms you listed and much more, I’m not new to this.

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FL is one of four states where will provide you GNW signings, once you are approved. It is the first platform most FL notaries use.