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I don’t like nor rarely accept scanbacks. I’m definitely not a newbie and with 15+ years of experience, it’s rather demeaning to be requested to scan back - I have asked if this can be waived, but WF says no.
Does anyone have suggestions as to the easiest way to scan docs in the order requested while keeping the package in order?

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If the sender wants to re-arrange the docs for scanning, I just do it and send the package back in the ‘new’ order. I’m not a stacking service, after all.

I do scanbacks all the time. I don’t like doing them but, I’m not gonna forego some good jobs (especially from my favored SS’s) because I gotta spend 10 minutes or so, scanning. Sometimes, title just wants to get started on the package ASAP. Big deal. I lose more time trying to get scans waived or get extra pay than if I just do it and get it over with. That’s just me, though.

To better answer your query, maybe make up some colored pages marked with the critical documents pulled out of original order and slip them in sheet protectors. Place the sheet protectors into the package as place holders and replace the originals when you’re done scanning. It’s a pain in the bum, but it works. :wink:

I have noticed recently that some signing services are now requesting that scanbacks be done within 2 hours of closing or they will cut your pay.
First, this screws me if I have back to back closings. I don’t carry a scanner with me in my vehicle. I do my scan backs as soon as possible. I explained to one company that I had a closing right after and that I could not meet the two hours deadline for scanning but would scan as soon as possible. Next thing I know the matter was pulled from me. After I explained to the person she pretty much didn’t care what I had to say and said that my fee would be cut. I have never worked for any company thats so fast to cutting your pay and holding that over your head and in essence is stopping me from making money for my business.
Between this and the price of gas and the waiting 30 plus to 45 days for your pay is enough for me to get out of this business. It never used to be like this and it sucks. I really enjoy doing this but their demands and late pays just aren’t worth it anymore. Anyone else experience this?

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Is your issue with scanning back in general, or scanning back in the proper order? My 2 cents on both: Scanning back in general is the norm. Scanbacks do 3 major things: 1) They show the job was done. 2) They look for errors before you drop. 3) They begin processing the closure on the back end off the scans under the “assumption” the originals will be there the next business day. If “proper order” is the issue, I don’t see why this would be an issue. The way you received the package is the way it goes around the table, and then back to the stack in front of you in the same order. This way it drops into the scanner the same way. If they are only asking for certain docs, I scan the entire package (I’m already at the scanner). On a side note (because most don’t know), you will get packages where there is a barcode at the bottom of every page. Clients have software designed (through bots) to read this info, and one of them is ensuring they got back every doc they sent you, and yes, in the order it was sent. Hope this helps!

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The demand for scan backs for approval to ship is due to the influx of notaries who foul up a signing. I’ll scan back / ship the documents in the order they come. I’m not going to rearrange the stacking order for their convenience with out compensation. I’m also not going to search through the package to pull out the critical docs for scanning. I have one title company that places the critical docs on the top in which case I don’t mind doing a partial scan.

Best investment I’ve made so far was a new scanner that will handle 50 page at a time and considerably faster that my old model.

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To answer your question… yes I have a few that makes this a requirement. I have found most of the scan back requests are small number of pages and I have used my PDF Scanner app to address those right in the back seat of my SUV. On the rear occasion I have a document of 50 or more pages… please don’t laugh… the FedEx location has become in part my mobile office I bring in my extra dum dum printer/ scanner and plug it right up. :joy::joy::joy:

They all know me there and I entertain them while I scan my docs.

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I appreciate all the input regarding the scanbacks. Specifically in the last signing, 65 of the 140 documents were listed to be scanned back (in a specific order of course). It would certainly be much less time consuming to scan the entire package rather than separate out docs needing scanned, scan and put back into package in original order. (way too much time for the price they are paying) My thoughts are to talk with signing agency and if they are not happy with the whole package being scanned back, good pay or mediocre pay, it is not great enough to spend large amounts of time pulling docs out, scanning and replacing in original order.

Gee, I’d have an opinion but I lack experience. Which is to say, I’ve never had a scanback where I had to pick through the package and scan only selected documents. I guess I’ve been lucky.

Wait, I do have an opinion. . . NO WAY am I gonna scan selected documents from the package. It’s all or none. This isn’t a salad bar, for crying out loud :innocent:


I always scan the entire package and save it in a pdf. You can print selected pages on the adobe print menu and save them in a new pdf. The problem with this is that if the selected pages are many, it will create a memory problem since the new pdf will be uncompressed. You may end up with a 20 mg file if you do it this way. The other way is to scan the selected pages then combine the pages with pdf software. The unfortunate result of both these methods is that they are extreme time wasters. I have never had flack from my title companies by sending the entire package back instead of select pages. If a signing service is fretting over the matter, I am much less concerned.


Piggy backing off of this after reading more comments. Sometimes in your instructions you will see “full” or “complete” scan-backs required. This usually means they want the entire package scanned back. If they just want “critical” docs (without specific pages) I would just send back all pages the borrower signed/initialed. Like I stated before, I’m already at the scanner so they just get the whole package. What’s another minute or two?

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The particular scanbacks I have encountered has a list in order of the way they want scanned docs sent back. It may start with the mortgage, jump back halfway into the file ask for a doc there, then go back up to the front ask for docs there, etc etc, the order is all over the package. I feel this is a totally unreasonable request. I haven’t specifically been asked to put the package in original order, I assumed this was a given since I’ve seen it a lot on many instructions.

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Wow, I’ve never seen any company asking for scan back in that particular order. What is the name of the company?

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It was Wells Fargo. Said I wouldn’t do again but…

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What kind of printer/scanner do you use?