Seeking Advice: How to Attract Direct Clients for Notary Work?

Hello everyone,

I’m a notary public looking to expand my client base and get more direct signings or general notary work. I’ve already established a presence on all social media platforms and have been cold-calling local companies, but I’m still looking for additional strategies to attract clients. The current economic conditions with high interest rates and inflation have made things a bit slow, but I firmly believe that slow money is better than no money. My main goal is to gain valuable experience while still earning reasonable compensation for my services.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or success stories from fellow notaries or individuals in similar professions. How did you manage to increase your client base and find direct clients for your notary work? Are there any creative approaches or marketing techniques that have worked well for you? Any insights on building a reliable client network would be of immense help.

Thank you in advance for your input and suggestions!


@collin In general, most do find building a business within this business sector to be a MARATHON, not a sprint.

Well, that is unless you live in a region that isn’t already saturated with Trained, Certified, & experienced Notary Signing Agents [NSAs] who are also seeking out Signing Orders OR if you have a family member who works at a Title/Escrow Company [T/EC]. :wink: In those scenarios (and a few others), you may find it to be a BREEZE!

As a fellow business owner, I’d like to offer an opportunity to further enhance your business acumen & skill set (speaking proverbially) by “teaching you how to fish;” instead of giving you a fish . . .

Specifically, these 2 links may be insightful & quite helpful. :sparkles:

These two links, plus the other links I provided to you recently, should give you an excellent overview for creating a stratagem for business development.



Hi Collin,

You mention social media. Do you have a fully optimized Google Business Profile?

This will bring you local (way less driving) steady General Notary Work. Depending on your State, you may be able to charge a Convenience fee in addition to State mandated notary fee per Notarization.

I get 90% or more of my business from my Google Business Profile. Some of it is Seller Deed Packages from individuals. The best low hanging fruit!

Maximize your reach by feeding your profile regularly with customer reviews, photos of the locations you visit when you notarize and several times a week Owner Updates always with a photo and a link to something relevant on your own website if you have one.

Here’s a screenshot of my Google Business Profile as prospective customers see it.

I’ve amassed those 259 reviews since the start of my 18mos old business.

Here’s to increased business!

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Hi! Wanted to comment about the google business profile. For some reason theyvare not verifying mine. I requested a post card ovwr a month ago and have not received it. Did you run into any hiccups trying to get your gbp up and running?

I was fortunate that I had my LLC in place and was able to be verified within a day.

Set up Free Google local page.

“Social Media” is a broad term. Personally, I get the most calls from Yelp so try to get as many clients as possible to review you so that you stand out. I also feel like people either google me, look at my website, and then yelp me… or they yelp and then verify with my website. So… my suggestion would be to make sure you look sterling on both sites.
Also, I tape up the monthly sales goal I set for myself above my desk. Looking at that darn thing makes me think about what I’m doing (or not doing) that month to make my goal. Might sound dumb but it ignites me when I fall short.


Thank you for your insight. I am listed on google.

My company name is Legal Services Solutions LLC

I created a website to highlight my services:

All my social media (instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, yelp, next door, thumbtack, TikTok etc) is @collinhelps

Are you also an attorney?

I think leveraging social media for your notary business is a great idea. Using a variety of promotion methods, including paid advertising, can help you reach a wider audience. Make sure to target your ads effectively to get the best results.

Speaking of additional tools, I recently started using reliable services to get more real facebook likes and subscribers. This increased my visibility on the platform and raised awareness among potential clients about my company. So, you might want to consider exploring additional SMM tools to strengthen your online presence and expand your customer base.

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