Seeking working in New York

I have signed up with organizations have not heard back from any of them. Any recommendations and feedback on those organizations that need Signing Agents and offer RON services, would be greatly appreciated.

3 years of my 11 years in this business was in NY (Long Island). Without “sugar coating” it, now is the worst time to find work in this business in NY for multiple reasons. Mainly due to the competition there as it relates to the current Mortgage market (not to mention having one of the highest cost of living/taxes in the nation). Second, ANY attorney licensed to practice law in NY, or has a law firm registered in NY can perform notarial acts without examination (unless they have an interest). Third, almost every title Co has a notary on staff. So even when business “was” booming, competition was always an issue. Don’t just research clients, research your competition there as well (notary near me). You’ll be surprised how many different entities provide such services, which is surprising, because NY exam is not easy. Hope this helps!