Sign X/ Signature Xcel

Hello! Has anyone ever heard of or worked for this company? I’m leery accepting jobs from unknowns because of my bad experience. Any information is appreciated, thank you

No personal interaction with them, but Sign X is a 4-star rated company (out of 5 stars) on another site with the latest rating dated in September this year.

Google search of Signature Xcel shows this;

Signature Xcel / Sign X

Website: (

Notary public in Phoenix, Arizona

Service options: Online appointments

Located in: The Courtyard

Floor 2, 7330 N 16th St Suite A220, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Phone: (480) 530-7446

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@deejaywards Hmmm . . . I performed a cursory Search of the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database & found these threads. You may find that information helpful.


Many members state that the Magnifying Glass is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. In case you’ve experienced difficulties locating it, this should help.

It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

A request has been submitted on numerous occasions [to BRIGHTEN the Magnifying Glass] over the years to the Notary Cafe Team Leads. That request has been reportedly passed onto the programmers of the site => that members find it difficult to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


Yes, I have done several closing for them and they are fantastic. Great communication and pay on time. I would definitely recommend them.