Signature One Signing Service

Has anyone ever heard of or worked with this company? I knew that she was sketchy when she wouldn’t answer her phone for a question but when I switched phones she answered!!!:thinking::unamused:

60 days late with payment.

@doveinnercitynotary Regrets . . . No direct experience here.

Just in case you may find this information helpful, I’ve added a few tips for you to review.

Regarding collection of the overdue payment, many Professional Signing Agent [PSAs] reach out directly to the title company when this situation arises.

Speak with them about the non-payment by this well-known non-paying Signing Service [SS]. This is your best expended effort. They may/or may not pay you - especially since your contract was with the SS, BUT they should be made cognizant of the non-payment status regardless.


In addition, consider asking the title company if they plan to still use this SS that WON’T pay PSAs . . .


Additionally, here is a direct url link to a Notary Cafe post by @rparker providing a Step-by-Step guide to successfully receiving payment from a non-paying business entity:


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