Signing Agents ASAP

Has anyone worked with “Signing Agents ASAP” company? if so, is it a good company to work with? Thank you.

They are not a hiriing company - they are a listing service where you pay to list YOUR services for a yearly fee. Search here - they’ve been discussed frequently recently - the general concensus is “No - don’t waste your money”

Linda is right. The only companies I pay to be listed at are here, Notary Rotary, and Signing Service (NNA). I have received the most calls from people who found me on Notary Rotary.

I am glad I checked it out here first before signing up with them. But has anyone signed up with them and gotten good business from them?

The thing about the companies that you have to pay to give your work is that you will not get business from them, they make their money off memberships and perhaps other methods.

For example, every person who has called me has gotten my name from either Notary Rotary or a generic search for notaries. I am a member of Notary Café because companies I sign up with pull my information from here, which saves me time, but I have never gotten a call from someone saying they found my name at Notary Café.

There has to be some benefit for the notary when you pay for membership. You will find many companies saying they will give you work if you pay their fee. That’s a “no way,” for me. :slight_smile:

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I also have never received a call stating that Notary Cafe was the source. I questioned NC about this and they responded that this is not unusual
because the signing companies rarely mention their source. Further, they went into my file and came back with two of their clients that combined
has transacted 22 signings with me. I was never aware that these two clients had found me on NC and I have no reason to question NC’s veracity.
Make what you will of it.

When a new client calls, I like to ask where they found me. It helps me allocate my marketing funds. Just a suggestion…

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The latest effort to scam notaries is coming from LEGAL DISCOVER. I receive an invite from them almost daily.
They charge an upfront fee which is the largest red flag there is in regard to their integrity and intentions. At most,
they will maintain a name/address file which costs them $0 since you can simply use a spreadsheet and a few
meg’s on a hard drive. The thing to ask yourself is “do I want to give money to an unproven entity that promises
nothing?”. Please tell me you answered “NO”!