Signing times

I seem to be getting signing requests via Snapdocs, SigningOrder, etc all for signings between 10 am and 3 pm. A year ago I was getting notifications for all times of the day. We know business has slowed dramatically but why would the signing notifications for 4pm and later completely dry up? I still get requests for debt settlement at all times, but that’s another topic. Very few purchases, a few seller-side, and some refi’s are typically what’s showing up.

Point of clarification, I work full time as a rehab program manager, so signings are a side gig for me. I can make most signings after 4pm. Still, if I can get 1-3 signings per week it gives me some extra money. Everything I make at my full-time job goes for bills, tuition, etc.

Thank you for any insight you can offer.

It’s because most of the evening signings were refinances after both spouses got off of work.
At this point it’s mostly purchase volume which is typically done during office hours for funding purposes same day.


I’ve noticed the same thing. With the large number of people working from home, this could be the reason for mid-afternoon signings, rather then during their dinner hour or later in the evening when they’re busy with their children’s activities.

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Similar scheduling in my region. This gives me time windows in the morning and evening to work on my other ventures,