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I recently signed up for the platform. I paid a $2.99 fee to expand the zip code range and also paid for the Basic Plan to receive more job listing replies. It seems that I have to flip back and forth from the Job Board tab to the Closing tab to have a signing populate. By then, someone has already accepted the job, or if I reply ‘Yes’ the response in the ‘Reply History’ is not the option I chose. Can someone tell me how this site works because I’m perplexed especially since I’ve paid fees to possibly be assigned signings?

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I’m following this b/c I’m right there with you. I paid extra so I can view their dashboard where the assignments are listed and I am still unable to get an assignment from them. Today I accepted three the moment the assignments came through on the dashboard and they were already taken! HOW??? I refreshed the page 4 times and each time the assignment was still showing as available and on the 5th refresh the assignment was taken. Any advice on how to beat the alga rhythm is greatly appreciated


Are you receiving their offers via text?

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You should be getting the orders via SMS, I’ve also paid the $2.99 per month and ever since I’ve been averaging 2-3 signings a week and I have literally just updated my credentials online and been commissioned since April.


I have been on for a long time and I do pay the $2.99 per month for the zip codes. However, I’ve not seen the “Job Board” link. How does one get to that? (It’s not on my dashboard.)

I also have never seen this even though I’m brand new 2 weeks and no signings.

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It is at the bottom of the menu screen. I have responded to a lot signings with no response. I believe it will send out that you are available but it is still up to the agency or title company to decide whether or not to pick you. I could be wrong but it just seems to be this way.


I was receiving their orders via text and after my first/last assignment last month they stopped sending me texts. I’m afraid they may have blacklisted me :frowning: I have only had one signing with them. Can someone please help to shed some light on this? Thanks in advance

I believe job board is fairly new, and I also think they are upgrading their site, please don’t quote on this, I think they are doing something to the dash board because it was highlighted on their site tonight that they are working on it.
And I am having the same issues with choosing a job but when I go into history it has another job I didn’t even choose, wondering the same thing, :thinking:

I very rarely get offers from signing order and I’ve been signed up since Feb 2021 . I may get a couple a week but never have I received an order. I just found out about the job board free listing and I have replied yes to several. Will you receive a text if you don’t get it or only if they do assign to you? Is this like a bidding platform? MY reply section shows the assignment so Im just waiting I guess to see if I get them. Any other info anybody might have then please let me know or if there are any other platforms or services that have dashboards let me know. Notary go also has a dashboard to pluck orders from.

Yes, this has been happening. Also on Notary Resume, I believe they are linked.
The “job board” seems to be of no good use for anyone, that I’ve heard of so far.
I replied to 3 orders last week, with no confirmation on any of them.

I just saw the Job Board on yesterday. I replied yes to a signing and it shows that I replied “yes”, but there has been no confirmation that I got the job. I am also wondering how that works. How do you know if you got the job?

I’ve replied yes a few times but never confirmed. Seems like a useless function atm. I definitely wouldn’t pay for the replies or whatever. What is with these services expecting 100% effort from notaries while giving 10% at best??

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It’s on the left hand side of the page. Have a great day!

The job board access requires an additional fee. I have upgraded and just received my first signing after 3 weeks. Just like the other platforms that offer signing jobs the hiring company can review the signing agents profile and choose from those that are available. It is one of those services that you just need to let bake for a few months to get a good feel on the real value of the platform.

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That job board is a complete joke. I think they literally give those jobs who they want to give them too. I started to pay that 2.99 and said OH NO, I wont. Keep your 2.99 honey. I hardly get any jobs with this company anyway. I guess its because of the area I am in.

Yes, and they intell give them to who they want to give them too. It’s almost like it is bait, to reel you in LOL. smh

Here is what I have learned about Signing Order. Once you get the text notification and response available you will only see it if you are assigned the order. If you are not assigned the order it will not show. So far last month I completed 15 assignments through them and those that used their platform and as a new agent less than 2 months old I consider that a win. You have to be fast though as some companies will automatically assign it to the first responder whereas others will wait to view your full profile before assigning it. I have found the more you do on that platform the more likely you will get more orders. Also upgrading the monthly fee is totally worth it. Make sure your profile is on point as i spoke to one company that called me and she stated that was very important to them that it is completed.

I’ve never seen this job board thing yall speak about. That is new to me. I do everything on the app for the most part as far as accepting assignments. I have to check it out on the computer now.

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Where is this job board? I don’t see it anywhere on is it something you only have after you worked with them for so long? I have only done 5 singings so far

Quick question to everyone that is/was paying the $2.99 upgrade for the 20 zip codes: Is it still worth it under the current industry conditions or is this an extra expense that you’ve decided to cut from your budget?