Six figures, huh?

Keeping in mind the well known caveat that “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”, I have one question for the Six-Figure Notary Man:

In your head, when you quote that phrase “six figures”…

Exactly where do you put the decimal point?


LOL!! LOL!! Laughing too hard to think of what to say for the required number of characters… :smiley:


I always wonder if they are making so much money, why have they stopped doing what they want you to do and started teaching you to do it?


Love your response Judi. My youngest son graduated from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle and moved to NY to become actor in theatre, film, etc. My vision of his future he would go hungry and homeless. He makes 6 figures because he supplemented his income with voice overs. He is 44 has a family, a home in NJ and VA and continues to perform. He trusts real estate investment more than the stock market. Must have the gift for BS for any occupation. Those online classes and videos may be ok to some extent but newbies fall for all the BS hook, line and sinker. BS will always be around ~ do your research.


It means they’re making more money off of the students.


The decimal is right where it is supposed to be in order to be termed 6 figures. It is quite possible to make 6 figures doing this. Focus more on running your business and making relationships and you will set yourself up for six figure income. He teaches, runs a successful signing service, and still does what he loves; signings. I am in my first full year as a loan signing agent and am well on my way. I have no doubt I will hit six figures in 2021. I am close to it in 2020.


So did you make it in 2020? Since it’s 2021 now…umm…unless this is a typo


Definitely a typo, I started June 2020. I am on track to make $80K+ in 2021, which sets me up to make $100K in 2022. Building relationships with REAs and EOs definitely is important to reaching goals of higher income levels.


If you don’t mind me asking, what state are you in? are you in a rural, metro or suburb area?

Michigan, rural. I am an hour from 4 cities


Yep, 6 figures is very doable. Last year (2020) I made over $100k however this year im on target for $85. I’m leaving the industry but would have finished right there.


2020 was exceptional for many reasons

  • *We had a pandemic, so many notaries decided to sit out until we knew more about contagion and vulnerabilities
  • The decision on the part of some notaries to not participate in the market provided an “in demand” position for those of us who were willing to take the gamble with our health
  • The housing market was in a boon year
  • Interest rates were at an all time low, so refinances were off the charts
  • Lenders and title companies were working overtime to get loans closed and notaries were in demand
  • Many of us were offered double our rate to take loan closings
  • Many people were writing their wills and POAs so even general notary work was paying well
  • Almost anyone who was a NSA with a high ranking made six figures with little effort, including those of us who were part-time
    2020 was a one-off year in the loan financing industry. Unfortunately, some people saw what was happening in 2020 and decided to “sell it” as a standard in the industry. It is NOT! As a result
    There are those who have taken advantage of people looking for work and an easy, quick way to make “good money” so they are selling what will be a pipe dream for many newcomers, unfortunately. To become a NSA, you most probably don’t need to purchase new, high end equipment. It helps to have a good, fast laser printer – but is it essential, NO! Your printer can most probably get the job done with a little ingenuity. Do you need to have dual tray – NO. There are workarounds. Notary Rotary (and other options) has a document splitter that you can use (for free), and then reassemble the documents per original order. Do you need to have a network of “experts” to call on to answer questions for you when you get stuck on how to proceed with certain documents – NO! Even for us experienced notaries, there will sometimes be an odd document in an out of state packet that is not familiar to us! It happens. You only need to call the title company to get clarity on what to do. Do you need to have a cheering section to push you forward and tell you it will all work out, you just need to put a little more energy into doing “X” – NO! If you have spent money taking their course, essentially their job is done!
    This is what you need to be successful in this industry.
  • You are your own boss – essentially that means you need to be a self-starter!
  • You need to be determined to find out all you can about what it takes to be a NSA. No one can really tell you that. The best they can do is tell you what their experience has been, which may or may not work for you in the same way.
  • The forms – you can find all of them on the internet! You need to study them to know what they are and how they are used and what they mean to the loan process.
  • Terminology – you need to know the jargon and what it means. Again, you can find all of it on the internet. Plus, there are some title companies and/or SSs that will have a document in their packets that has a sheet of useful terms and abbreviations you should save and study (American Title packet has such a document; these are the same documents you will find in loan packets from other lenders).
  • Find a way in your own words to explain each of these documents in one or two sentences!
  • Find a notary in your community who is willing to allow you to shadow them for a short time and who can act as a mentor to you for an occasional question. This type of help is invaluable!

I have mentored several notaries. I can tell within a couple of meetings who will make it in this industry and who will not! Of those I have shared time and experience with only about 25% stick with it. (You are only allowed to call me once or twice with a “what do I do next question”. That question speaks volumes about your willingness and ability!)
And finally, don’t be discouraged by a “NO” or being ghosted on a request for a higher rate. If you don’t believe you are worth it, nobody else will. But, YOU HAVE TO BE WORTH IT! Stop kidding yourself. I have been called in the past week on three assignments where the notary has just not shown up and hasn’t called either the title company nor the borrower to explain they will not be able to make it to the assignment. On one assignment more than one notary had just abandoned the assignment (my guess is that a better paying opportunity came up and they just bounced!). YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT, if this is your pattern of behavior. And, it will be quickly found out and shared.
Like I said in a prior post, I will see the rest of you on the other side of the shake out! Good luck to all of us.


I am glad to see people are finally catching on.


Well Said. I am newbie and started late in 2020 after the “boom”. I plan to stay in this industry and transition out of education.

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I started in 2020 also. Working part time I was headed to to 6 figure income. If I work full time that would definitely be my income level.
I’m in MI. As more and more newbies have joined there is more competition but som VERY lucrative. I appreciate the classes but you fo have to be willing to WORK and provide a service.
Dont knock something because you are not part of it. I was a travel lab chemist. Now I do this to stay local.
Very lucrative,folks


My brothers girlfriend does this for a living and made close to 90K, but that was in 2020 when everything was going haywire. I can tell you this…she has no life and works from sun up to sun down. My brother hardly ever sees her. I like this business and have always done it part-time. I too made a lot of money in 2020, but I did not find this role to be very rewarding or fulfilling. I just let a Signing Company have it. I told them, when do you ever incentivize your agents. You always call if we don’t cross a t or dot an i, but never to say, “Hey, you’re doing a great job!” You can try and make as much money as you can in this business, but it’s very taxing. I’d rather do this on the side and continue in my career. At this point, I have recently stopped doing signings so much because things are going well in my career. But good luck to all of you. Don’t believe the hype! Believe in yourself and what you are accomplishing.


I have been doing this part time for 10 years and after being laid off from my job as a real estate paralegal in a law firm due to Covid, I am full time. Everyone says its a relationship business. Not seeing that. What I see is: who will do the signing for the cheapest! I was out there in April 2020, doing all “their” closings, but when the newbies came out, the closings went to the lowest bidder. I called and talked to some of my title companies and the same explanation was “we hire the cheapest person”. Really, after I risked my health and drove all over the place for you? Covering your last minute closings because the other NSA bailed! Having flawless documents!
So, where is the relationship here?
Don’t get me wrong, I made good money last year and up until September 2021 this year was good also. Nowhere near “6 figures” (Averaging 4,000/month). But, I work from 8am to 10 or 11pm. Billing in the mornings and getting signings and then printing well into the night. And now since September 1, I am averaging 250/week. What happened?


Absolutely right! I like you opinion and absolutely agree. This business is good for a site income, but hitting 6 figures with it is suicidal. I add 10-20k per year with it and pay my personal expense, but to relay on it for living: I don’t think it is smart.


The operative word is SUICIDAL… :laughing: :crazy_face: They don’t know half the stuff we deal with. Slow signers, Asking a million questions that the Lender or Title company should have explained, attitudes, got the wife downstairs and husband still trying to get out of bed, trying to feed children, Big dogs jumping on you, house full of company all standing around the table gawking??? For the most part the appts are ok, but you do get some doozies! I even had someone on a conference call while they had me waiting. Excuse me, but I have things to do!! One guy texted someone after every page he signed. They’re always talking about Signing Agent professionalism. The lender/title company needs to tell borrowers how to have some professionalism. :thinking:


@mjeffery720 is this net or gross? Are you taking the low ball offers, do you work with signing services besides direct? And why so secretive about where in Michigan? I’m not going to come and steal your business away from you. I already have my regular direct title clients. :heart_eyes: