Snap docs text msgs

Continuing the discussion from I am frustrated with Snapdocs:
Good morning fellow Notaries… I have been experiencing a large number of text solicitations from the SNAP DOC
service, which is fine. But those companies who use it to solicite notaries need to post them correctly. I understood
that TBD , to mean appt time to be determined. I do believe that means we can set the appt with the signer when it
is convenient for them. But if this company wants a specific time… POST THE TIME!!. Also, why dont they also
tell you will also be the courier… Its bad enough that they are giving less for seller signings and expect you to drive
clear across town from your appt ??? They dont mention it until your assigned and you are about to print the
docs… C’MON GUYS… Im hoping and would like to think they arent trying to pull A FAST ONE… We are professionals
and need to be treated as such… JUST SAYING

Recently I have found that SnapDocs vendors have been on the low side of the fee schedules. I have also noticed a number of vendors leaving Snapdocs for other platforms I have been told on one occasion that this is due to the high fees charged by SnapDocs. to the Vendor. This would explain why the signer fees are low and that you must negotiate with all…


For heaven’s sake, we are listed on the NNA Certified Loan Signing List, why don’t these companies just call us directly and offer us a decent fee rather than pay Snap Docs to find us?


I don’t get how the title rep can make a comment and we can’t challenge their pathetic remark. The other side is not always right and that make your score go down. No explanation at all