SnapDocs Verified , whats next

Hello Notary Team-

I am new to Notary and i just completed my account and profile with Snap Doc. Also i am full verified and my account is ready to go, but now i have questions:

  1. How will i know if i have a signing request?
  2. Is there anything else that i need to do once i am fully set up?
  3. How are you paid thru SnapDocs?

Also , any other information that can be provided to help me thru this will be amazing. Thank you all in advance.

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You will get texts and sometimes calls for jobs don’t be afraid to push back on fees. I’ve said no , fee too low, if it’s $75 I tell them I will do it for 125 or 150,I often get the job .if it’s a 50 mile drive I ask for more. It will depend if there are a lot of signing agents in your area but typically seasoned agents don’t take low paying jobs. I took a few in the beginning to get experience then started asking for more. Some pay on vendor pay through snap docs but most pay independently and will send check. It takes 30-45 days with most. I do add my other signings (outside vendors) on snap docs for my own accounting but I don’t put much info on there, many people on this forum said snap docs will take that info to solicit those vendors . Hope this helps, I’m fairly new too but after 20 signings you will have a good system in place and feel more confident.

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Can you stay pretty busy just through snap docs? On average how much are you reached out to you? I’m hoping to get it started and get some sign experience under my belt but it seems like it’s taking a while to even get set up an established. I really appreciate your help and support answering my question that was very helpful. Also do they email you the documents which in hand you have to print out? And then once the Signing is completed do they let you know where the documents need to be sent?

I get a lot of calls from other vendors that found my profile and snap docs combined. Hopefully other agents will chime in on how to pick up more work. I’m seeing job offers almost daily , I seem to be doing well with one title company that I’ve been able to get established with so I definitely recommend reaching out to local title companies rather than relying on signing services.
Docs are generally uploaded to a site, you download and print 2 sets, one for signing and one for the client. Make sure you are printing letter and legal as you will see the pdf sizes are generally mixed. You will usually receive ups or fed ex label , sometimes you need to scan docs back and then package to ship ASAP.


I’ve submitted paperwork to a handful of companies that I’ve found by reading these forum posts, but as far as actual contacts, snapdocs has been the best so far. I got a few email requests for signings after I got the NNA Cert (almost all of mine are text), but replied with inquiries, including about how they found me, and didn’t get a response. I actually have yet to complete a signing. :laughing: But I try to apply to 2-3 reputable ones per week, and continue to read and do training in the meantime.

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It probably varies based off geographical location… but I’ve received a total of 3 notifications from snap docs in the past month and all of them were low ballers. I countered and didn’t get any of them.

Definitely keep applying with other SS and marketing towards title companies directly.

SnapDocs is “hit or miss”. As others stated, like other signing services, its dependent on location. Whether you get 10 requests a day, or one a week, be prepared for low fees. They are good for beginners who are actually trying to learn the job and not trying to become millionaires in a year. I will only take a signing from them if my schedule is open and its in the same town I live in for the fees they offer. Also, it doesn’t pay to try and counter with them. They will wait patiently and diligently for someone to accept their fee, even if it means delivering late docs.

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I’m in the process of registering with them, but they are asking for my drivers license. Are they legit?

Yes, they are just trying to ID you just like we ID the signers. (put a name to a face I guess).

  1. You will get text message offers
  2. Make sure you load up all your credentials and W-9 form and make sure you note how you want to get paid. I have automatic deposit its faster and they email you to let you know you’ve been paid
  3. If you don’t do automatic deposit, they will mail you the check which takes longer

I am a new Notary in Okla.and I sighed up with Snap Docs and Notary Dash .I haven’t heard anything about Notary Dash I have sent every thing these people want but nothing yet I need to get going .I contacted a guy at Nations Title I have a friend who is a realtor and he turned me on to him I called and he said he would not use anyone unless they were a seasoned person I cannot be seasoned unless I do jobs

The only jobs I see come from Notary Dash in my area are loan MODS from Coast2Coast. Your not missing much considering all the other signing services/platform options that are out there.

Likewise with snap docs.

@kathleeneglaser1 (and others) :sparkles:

To avoid potentially subjecting yourself to identity theft, when a business entity requests your current government issued [CGI] identification [ID], ensure that you REDACT all occurrences of your non-public personal information [NPPI] for the ID; i.e., the following:

Redact your ID Number => it’s usually present in TWO places on IDs.
Redact your date of birth [DOB] => this is also usually in TWO places on IDs.
Redact your ID date of expiration [DOE].
Redact ANY other NPPI.

There is no reason that they should need this data, especially since you’ve already completed a background check that you’ve provided to them.

NOTE: Your background check should also be REDACTED of any NPPI data prior to providing it to any requesting business entity.

This is my current struggle and I feel like I have no idea what to do.

So just give them you TIN# ?

@kathleeneglaser1 Absolutely NOT. You’re a Business Owner & there’s no need to do so. Use your EIN ONLY.

For your own safety/protection, never share your social security number with clients.

Always use an Employer Identification Number [EIN]. It’s easy & quite simple to obtain one [and there’s no fee] for your business [either under your name or a business name] by going to the IRS website. Here’s the direct url link: Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online | Internal Revenue Service


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