Split signings - what notary 1 can do to help notary 2

When I am on the front end of split signing, I make an effort to help the second notary in the following way. I print a second copy of all pages that have notary acknowledgements or jurats so the second notary has something to work with when the second person signs. I know the second notary can produce loose acknowledgements and jurats, but a little foresight by notary 1 can make things be easier for notary 2.


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I’ve never done one, but assumed that two complete set of docs were being sent out to two different locations for signing by two or more people. Am I wrong?

The couple signings I did as notary 2, all I received where the partially signed docs from notary 1. I guess you can ask title for a file of the docs.

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Thanks for the tip! This is great comradery.


I keep hearing this from the signing companies: If this is an in-person, the notary can be one witness This is for warranty Deeds. Is this statement actually correct? because being a witness and signing your own signature would be a no no in notary handbook. Can someone please elaborate on this? Is it that the companies are uneducated on notary do’s and don’ts or am i missing something?

In Florida the notary can also act as a witness on a document providing they are not required to notarize the witnesses’ signatures (as in a self-proving affidavit on a will) - in a real estate deal where a Warranty Deed is signed, witnesses’ signatures are not notarized so, yes, the notary can act as both one witness and notary.

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This post is appreciated. I found it helpful. I get a few two notary signings. The last one I did recently, I used your tips, did the same with the printing. Printed a second set of the ID form, and couple more notary forms for the second notary would use. Thanks again for posting this.

Specifically in WA state, if I am a notary to the loan I cannot also be a witness in that same document. A notary in WA can’t sign as a witness and also notarize. I hear this is okay in many other states where it is common for a notary to be one of the witnesses. However I am also not in a witnesses state for loans so if it’s not required I am able to leave the witnesses line blank and there has been no issues so far with this for me. In my state witnesses much be 18 or older and cannot be in the documents having interest to the transaction they are witnessing. I do not need to ID the witnesses signing as witnesses unless I am also notarizing the witnesses in the certification.

My general notary work I always request signers to have a witness when required. Witnesses can be summoned in a legal dispute where they have to show up to court to state that they witnessed the signature. I had someone request for me to go notarize affidavits of a few witnesses in different elderly care centers stating that they witnessed so and so sign. I would have no problem doing that but they couldn’t answer if this specific appointment was for a current dispute or pending litigation. I wanted to make sure because a notary can get summoned to court to say that did the affidavits which is time consuming and the court doesn’t pay you for that time. It might be downtown with parking fees. I wanted to make sure that was in my fee when taking on the general work of notarizing witnesses affidavits.