Split signings - what notary 1 can do to help notary 2

When I am on the front end of split signing, I make an effort to help the second notary in the following way. I print a second copy of all pages that have notary acknowledgements or jurats so the second notary has something to work with when the second person signs. I know the second notary can produce loose acknowledgements and jurats, but a little foresight by notary 1 can make things be easier for notary 2.


You are a thoughtful person, and a thorough professional.

I hope you and I work together in the future!

I’ve never done one, but assumed that two complete set of docs were being sent out to two different locations for signing by two or more people. Am I wrong?

The couple signings I did as notary 2, all I received where the partially signed docs from notary 1. I guess you can ask title for a file of the docs.