BEWARE of The Best signing company. I completed an order for this company back in September. I have spoken to whoever answers the 800#. A different person answers each time. I was told by one manager that they were having financial problems and they would split my payment into two. ARE YOU SERIOUS? We are talking $50 here people. Finally, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Not sure if I will get paid or not at this point. Meantime, I want to warn other notaries.

Appreciate your heads up, but the BBB won’t do anything. Think you should have agreed to the split payment. Half is better than the nothing you’ll get if they go under.

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I worked for them once several years ago and did not get paid for 3 months until I posted on their FB page. They are scammers who use notaries in the field to make money and then maybe you might get paid after multiple phone calls, e-mails, excuses from them. The one I heard was “we are having accounting problems”. Avoid!

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Turns out reporting these folks to the BBB worked. My payment finally arrived. Meantime, I did ask them to remove my name from there list.