Strange Signings

Been getting a string of some pretty strange requests lately. Had one last week with a guy who was in NYC, on business, and touring the city. He was changing locations throughout the day and kept me informed as he visited various tourist locations. Finally pinned him down at WTC or Freedom Tower as it is now known. I was joking with him at the end and said look if you are going to do the statue of liberty, I can only stamp one side of Ellis Island :-). Last night I had one at a wedding…yes, a wedding. Gentleman was in for a friends wedding and agreed to sign between the cocktail hour and dinner. Lot of fun but could not believe that this was actually happening. I should have worn a tux. Anyone else with similar fun (or not so fun) experiences?


Hmmmm… nothing that glamorous on my end. Yesterday I had a signing with a man who was here from out of state for work. We signed in his office, which was a metal shipping container located at a waste disposal facility. There was a really nice breeze blowing yesterday that helped to circulate the smell of rotting garbage. I didn’t mind. He was very nice and the signing didn’t take too long. I had on flats and dress pants. I should have worn boots and a biohazard suit with a respirator.


:grin: I am sure you needed to fumigate your clothing as well.

My favorite “strange” signing was when I had to meet a paddle-wheel steamboat on the river ( while it was docked in my town for a visit. It is a Ohio and Mississippi Riverboat cruise ship and there was a couple on the boat taking a cruise on the week of their purchase closing. So, they coordinated with title to have the docs prepared for the day they would be docking at my city. I printed the docs and proceeded to the riverfront. Sure enough, there was the boat at the local dock. I approached and walked up the ramp to the steward guarding the ramp (only passengers are allowed to board) and told him I was there to meet “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. They had advised him I would be meeting them. I was allowed to board. I met with them in the dining room and the closing proceeded normally from there.


That actually sounds pretty cool . :slight_smile:

I arrived for a signing and the couple that greeted me at the door were in formal attire. They asked if I’d mind waiting 20 minutes while they attended a virtual wedding. I was intrigued. Moments later the couple getting marred appeared on the screen being broadcast from Las Vegas. I even got to wish them well. We then completed the loan signing. Another time, I turned down a loan signing as I planned to be out of town at a music festival. It turned out the borrowers were delaying their trip to the same music festival just to close their loan. Sooo, we met at the music festival and closed the loan.


Nice! And perfect timing on the Music Festival! Who would have thought?!

That one takes the cake - what an experience.

Last week, I trotted up and down a hospital corridor beside a woman in labor while her husband held her up and coached her breathing. She signed docs between contractions, using a hospital clipboard. I kept offering to re-schedule, but they wanted to keep signing. They were taking out equity to furnish the nursery! The final document was signed with me crouched next to the birthing couch while the doctor told her it was okay to push. That last signature was pretty shaky. I was a little late with the scanbacks, but title understood when I explained the circumstances.


That takes the cake !

Tomorrow I have an interesting appointment: Eight couples, six properties, involving four loans, two owner contracts, three quitclaim deeds. Wonder if there will be a partridge in a pear tree in the yard?


I once had a signing at a strip club. That was interesting. I am a pretty vanilla, straight shooting guy who is married. I was just glad we got done before all the ladies got to working too good.


Sorry to disappoint you but I believe my story will take the prize. My first appointment was in “Deliverance” country - scary place with lots of abandon cars, blue tarps and barb wire. I soon realized that the signer was a hoarder. There were 3 double wide trailers all packed to the gills. Mr signer said there was room in his office - a 12x12 building. The “room” meant that we could actually stand in the building. The only surface where I could lay the docs was on top of a bar stool. Thank God it was only seller’s docs - would never have made it through a VA signing! Then when I checked his ID I realized he was she and the ID didn’t match the docs! You can’t pay me enough to go back there again!

Next appointment I had to listen to complaints about the signer’s sex life! I kept joking saying “too much information” and threw the docs down as fast as I could so I could get out of there!

Next appointment a sweet little 18 month old boy insisted on sitting on my lap during the signing!


I had one recently with rat droppings and dead flies. No space to walk further than entryway. Only 2x3 space to stand/sit/sign.

I will not go back there again either.

It happens! I plan on writing a book on closings. Signing agents need to be appreciated big time. Me…16+years.:sunglasses:

Gun people


Do it! Oh boy do I have signing stories!
Last week I got one that during the signing, he stuck his finger in his ear flicked something out of his ear, I think it went in my direction:( :tired_face: He then wiped his finger on his pants and continued on with signing! I tried not to throw up! I seriously thought to myself that I should start doing something else for a living! :joy:


Curious. Was this treasure your own find or did it come through a signing company?

Title company. 3 hours to complete.

Amazing. You must be very organized. I would like to have seen a video of that entire process. I plan to keep things as simple as possible.