TDE Debt Relief - Help

Hello Fellow Notaries,

I am seeking assistance locating contact information (Phone number and/or address) for a company called TDE Debt Releif. I am following up on a delinquent payment.

I am also trying to contact them. My contact there was Jimmy Labreck, 1-702-745-6990
Rapid Notary 24/7. The mailbox is full and no response to emails. Original email said terms were for net 30 days and it’s now over 45 days.


I too am trying to locate Jimmy Labreck
1-702-745-6990. For non payment. With Rapid Notary 24/7. Any information is appreciated!

There is a previous thread about this company. They disappear after you do the work.
Voice mail is full and no other info to reach him. Scammer!

Just got a call from them…didn’t bother answering…thanks for everyone’s input! I was contacted by the same phone number listed above.

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Interesting! Got a call from rapid notary 24/7 today with the name Patrick Labreck (that is not a common last name) so it’s interesting your contact has same last name. I contacted the signer to set up a time but she was hesitant about signing the documents because she thought it was a scam, so I told her to reach out to the company and let them know. They obviously coerce old people into debt settlement by charging them excessive amounts of money and I don’t want to be a part of that. Now I feel bad because I did a signing for them last week; same exact document. They had the nerve to tell her not to ask them any questions and for me the notary not to ask her any questions. The email also says USA Legal so these companies are obviously in cahoots.


Got a call yesterday from Patrick Labreck with a new tel # 386-518-1611.
Rapid Notary this sounds a bit confusing.
He’s from a debt relief company called: Legal Department.
This is a very interesting line in their email:
We are USA LEGAL and we want to be there every step of the way for both you and the client.


Try typing in the name “Rapid Notary” under Search in Notary Cafe portal!

I posted this on a different thread and wanted to share here as well. Everything being said is the same that I’ve experienced!
I also did a notarization for debt consolidation for a sweet lady through this company. I was contacted by Patrick Labreck at (407) 559-5155 on October 28, 2021. Looking back at the documents he emailed me, they do look sketchy but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I am still trying to collect $65 agreed price for the notarization and have called all 4 different numbers (the one I had and the others listed on this thread) to no avail. Voicemail box is full and there is no response to any emails or text messages. I have even sent a paypal request for the amount to the original phone number he called from and have obviously not received any response. I realize that I have lost the $65 charged for the service, but at this point what’s more important to me is the fact that they may be scamming older people of their hard earned money. It’s all about the ethics of this so called company. I will research reporting them somehow.


I received a call yesterday from the same number, 386-518-1611. The caller was female with a foreign dialect, and stated that she was calling from Rapid Notary and that she had found my information on Notary Cafe. She spoke very rapidly and there was noise in the background that suggested to me that the call was being made from a vehicle. I questioned her extensively. She said that all details would be in the notary instructions and that I would be paid via e-check. I was very leery. When I did not receive the documents immediately as she said I would, I attempted to call and got a busy signal. The next time I called the “person I was trying to reach” was unavailable and the mailbox was full. Red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: went way up. I started researching and all signs indicate that this was a scam attempt. Needless to say, I will not be doing the signing.
As the adage goes…trust, but verify. Be safe out there.


I have been trying to collect since I did the job in Novemeber. Will NEVER take another job from Rapid Notary or the LaBreck’s I am surprised Notary Cafe even allows them to access this site, as they claim they got my info off here. Watch out for this contact info:

Patrick Labreck
O:(407) 584-9123

A few hours ago I accepted a signing for tomorrow from SpeedySign Notary. ( After looking at their docs, I realize it was just about identical to the paperwork from a signing I did for RapidNotary24.7 several months ago. That signing was similar to debt settlements that I had done in the past. Only that one had approximately 7 pages (instead of the 30+ for other debt settlements). The directions are the same, they want to be contacted when I arrive, so they can answer any questions, they say. Funny thing was when I tried to call them after the signing, when the signer’s family had questions about the documents (after I had scanned the info back) they were unavailable. It remained like that for the next few months. That was in September, 2021 and I never got paid. So looking at my documents today, they are from Adam Labreck (the previous one was from Patrick Labreck and the companies both have gmails that are associated with their names. Needless to say, I will be calling the signer to cancel tomorrow’s appointment. Has anyone else heard of this new company called “Speedy Sign Notary”?

Don’t know if this is the same person but here is what I found on Patrick

I received a call yesterday from a woman named Kim from Speedy Sign Notary using the email address and phone number 386-518-1611. I accepted the assignment and met with the client this evening to notarize the documents. This company seems very shady. The documents they sent for notarization had no identifiable company information except for the name Legal Department. No phone number. No address. Kim called me seconds after the signing for a document review and asked that the documents be scanned by to her immediately. While on the phone with Kim I asked her for the website of her company and their address. She referred me back to the email I received saying the company info was listed (it wasn’t) or I can reply to the email to ask for their web address. WHAT??? I think this company is a scam and if I do not received legitimate company information, I will not be returning their documents. They’re trying to defraud people and scam them out of their money.

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All due respect but you should have done your research on the company prior to doing the signing. Now that the deed is done, you cannot keep those documents. Drop the docs as instructed and pray you get paid. If not, lesson learned.

You don’t ho!d docs hostage for payment because you didn’t check the company out in advance. That’s on you


You’re absolutely right! I learned a valuable lesson.