Text fee is different than appointment fee?

Have you ever accepted a signing over a text, that then goes to the description page, and the fee on it is different than the one sent to you by email?

Yep. Lots of times. The apps are all wonky. (and annoying)


Yes…Been there, Done that! I immediately Call the Signing Co & Clarify the Fee! If I think any fee is Unreasonable with Any Company, I call and Barter with them Immediately…Yes It helps…depending on the Company, Urgency & your Record/Score with them!

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Unfortunately, this does happen. Not often, but it happens. I screen shot every offer. When it is assigned, I open the order, print a PDF of the listed fee. If they decrease the amount, I send them the screen shot of the original offer. It is quite unfortunate that we are the ones that need to keep some of these companies ethical.

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Great idea. I’ll start that. Yes, unfortunate

Sometimes there is an error because you have spoken directly to a scheduler but the fee on the website hasn’t been updated. I don’t have time to screen shot anything, so I have to rely on my memory. It’s easy when you have a base fee you charge, then all you have to remember is if it is over or under. If I find a discrepancy I contact the signing company and bring it up. Sometimes even with no discrepancy, if I find a situation where the page count is high or there are multiple signers, I also ask for an increase despite settling for an initial offer.

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Yes, many times. I thought they do it on purpose. No time for snapshot coz when I click yes it’s already assigned.

It’s also an excellent Accounts Receivable policy for your business to reconcile all THREE elements of each request/Signing Order:

Agreed-To Fee via text message or phone call request
Signing Order Fee
Remittance Advice; i.e., check stub or electronic payment receipt

From time-to-time there have been discrepancies, but these were promptly identified, addressed, and corrected. This is one of the reasons why it’s sagacious to retain copies for your files until the remuneration is completely processed through your banking institution. :sparkles::angel:

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So I figured it out with one of the notary agencies. They 1st argued that there are no fees listed on the texts. I said, why would any notary accept a job with no fee. I took a screenshot and showed him the fee on the text and he ended up giving me the one I accepted, and not the lower one on the confirmation email. He said he didn’t understand…So, I now know that it really has happened to me in the past, at least with this one agency. You can screenshot the text next time that happens to you, then there’s no denying.

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