How to read text signing offers

I have been getting signing text messages from Coast 2 Coast as well as Xmarks the spot, but with both companies, when I click on the link to see the job, I see the amount they want to pay ( which is very low) and lets say “refi” or “misc” under the type, but no other information. Shouldn’t I know about if I need to make copies, fax backs, etc… too?

Do you just take a chance?

ALWAYS negotiate low fees…always. My take–IF it doesn’t say faxbacks, there aren’t any. If it’s later discovered they want faxbacks–a fee increase of $XX is REQUIRED or please reassign. (Don’t worry, odds are they’ll give you the increase.) Same is true of ANY undisclosed stips like the ‘refi’ is a huge VA pkg or a Rev. Mtg. “Misc”…now that’s a real catch-all. I’ve worked with both companies and have never seen that one.


Can I negotiate after I accept the offer amount over text?

Absolutely. If they can’t or don’t lay out all details of the job they require, how can you possibly give a rational fee quote? Understand, I’m not talking about the difference between a 125 pg. pkg & it turns out to be 130 pgs. But, undisclosed faxbacks are not a minor issue because it requires a trip home, scan & e-m or upload the pkg. & back out to drop. More time & mileage involved than what they stated REQUIRES a higher fee. Period…

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FYI, Coast 2 Coast is a wonderful company to work for. Never have had any issues with fees
or getting paid on time.

Agree with you, but sometimes you still need to negotiate a higher fee.

I went thru a phase of simply declining text signing offers due to a lack of details given. I’m really shocked that C2C continues to send these notifications with a lack of info as they do. I’ve explained in my reasoning why I decline, stating that not enough information is given (pages, appointment time, package information, etc.). Recently, I’ve done a 180 and just started accepting the offers. If they happen to call me to confirm, that’s when I will get more details about the assignment and also as important, my negotiation. I almost always have to negotiate a higher fee. My last caller laughed at me and said she would call me back. I don’t know why she felt the need to laugh. What’s laughable is **the lack of information sent in these assignment requests and also the fees offered. **

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